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‘Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4’
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Listen up Cooties,

Congratulations to all you cooties out there that have accomplished another successful year in the Grand. We have six of nine Pup Tent’s that are at 100% or over, in Membership. We have six Pup Tents that are over 100% in Hospital work with Pup Tent 11 leading the way at 297%. Outstanding effort, “Keep them smiling in the beds of WHITE”.

Cooties, I want to thank all the cooties who allowed me to have some phun at their swarms, crawls and scratches. It was a lousy experience and you will never catch me doing it again. Ha!

As all have heard by now, the Cootie Auction/Social will be held at the Post 3457 Canteen. Every Pup Tent is encouraged to donate an item (or two) for the auction. Lets make this the biggest auction yet.

Finally, for all the Grand Cooties that will not be able to make the Grand Scratch, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for having me as your Grand Commander and Big Bug. It can be a humble experience. We cannot be successful without the support of all you. I want to thank PGC’s Malott, Mitchell, Watson and Hilliard for their guidance and mentoring. I want to thank my officers of the Grand for their support in making this a very rewarding and phun year.

For those Cooties making the trip to the Grand Scratch, the first hot beer is on me!

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.

Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4

Commander, Grand of the Pacific

Big Bug Handbook 2018-19 is available to download on the link that follows.

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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