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Bill Bradford
‘Big Bug aka B3’
Grand Commander

“Cooties on the Latte”

“Ramblings of the Big Bug”


Listen up Cooties,

             I am currently in Palua on the lovely Island of Angaur, which is the southernmost island here.  Population: 99 people not counting me, a thousand monkeys and too many to count, coconut crabs and monitor lizards.  Internet is slow.  How slow, cooties can crawl faster.  The beer of choice is Busch Light but it is hot.

             It seems through all the merging and transferring, all Pup Tents and the Grand are eligible to gain All Star status.  The Grand CCDB has all the latest information from Supreme which he has passed on to all Pup Tents. 

             Now I am going to go out in the jungle and hibernate for a while.  Maybe a hot beer or two.

 Yours in L.O.T.C.S.

Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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