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Bill Bradford
‘Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4’
Grand Commander

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“Ramblings of the Big Bug”

So, Listen up Cooties,


I hope all you Cooties and Families had a Merry Christmas and are having a fantastic New Year.  May your pockets be empty of coin and your beer always hot!

         On a sad note, I must report that Past Grand Commander Don Webster has reported to the Supreme Commander.  You stand relieved Don, we have the watch.  He was a stately gentleman, a wealth of knowledge and a true comrade.  He will be missed.

        I know the Middle Bug Max has been harping about it, but there is no reason that we as Pup Tents and as the Grand that we cannot make “ALL STAR”.  Check the Commander’s handbook or go to the Supreme MOC site and refresh your memory. 

        Let’s enjoy the “NEW YEAR” by swarming and scratching and having phun.  Keep our comrades and families smiling in those beds of white.  A kind word to the staffs attending them make a difference. 

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.,

Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4

Commander, Grand of the Pacific

Big Bug Handbook 2018-19 is available to download on the link that follows.

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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