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Bill Bradford
‘Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4’
Grand Commander

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Listen up Cooties,

Congratulations, slap on the back, kick in the pants and a hot beer are in order for the Grand. We have somehow managed to put the Grand over 100 percent in Hospital visits. A lousy job by all Pup Tents in their work and reporting and especially to the Grand Hospital Chairman Leon for his due diligence in putting out the report and extolling the Grand’s lousy work for our comrades in the beds of white.

March is election month for Pup Tents. Pup Tent elections must be held by March 30 and reported to supreme no later than April 30. Ensure that when the election report is transmitted to Supreme, that the Grand Hungry Cootie, CCDB and the Big Bug are cc’d.

The Convention registration is now up and running on the DPA website. As you will notice, the cootie auction will be longer so we can have more phun. Every Pup Tent is encouraged to donate an item (or two) for the auction. Lets make this the biggest auction yet.

I know the Middle Bug Max has been reminding all cooties about it, but there is no reason that we as Pup Tents and as the Grand that we cannot make “ALL STAR”. Check the Commander’s handbook or go to the Supreme MOC website and refresh your memory.

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.

Big Bug Bill Bradford aka B4

Commander, Grand of the Pacific

Big Bug Handbook 2018-19 is available to download on the link that follows.

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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