Big Bug Squeaks

Big Bug

Pat Higgins
Grand Commander

Big Bug Squirms…

Welcome back Cooties!!!!

I trust everyone had an enjoyable time in Chiang Mai and got home safely.

This is being written at my usual “crunch time” pace so I hope everyone had a fun filled 4th of July with friends, parades, BBQs and a beverage or two. While we are enjoying ourselves, at this time of year, please remember those who are unable to attend the festivities or enjoy the camaraderie we are. There are many who are deployed, hospitalized or trapped in their own heads, hearts or “Black Cloud.” Let’s remember them and, if within our power, reach out and offer our hand, friendship and knowledge to them that they are neither alone nor forgotten.

We are almost one month out from our Grand Scratch and all reporting info is just now starting to flow. As it comes available to us we will get it out to you. Myself and the new CCDB (Mike Napsey) are working to get ALL the information correct and out to y’all as quickly as we can so y’all know where you stand to know where y’all are going.

As we all know, we have had some “hiccups” in the CCDB position and both Mike and I are making doubly sure ALL information is complete, accurate and processes transparent. So, please just bear with us for a short while as we get it all straight.

Our Hospital Chairman, Rhett Webber, has already been submitting reports and I want to thank him and all of you for staying on top of this important job. If you haven’t gotten out to visit a Vet you need to as you don’t know what you are missing. You are appreciated much more than you know. Last year PT 15 was a runaway with the hospital awards. Let’s try to give them a run for their money this year. Some of our PTs are already completing their inspections, paying annual fees. Please don’t procrastinate (says the greatest procrastinator of all) and wait until the end of the year. Get as much done up front so you don’t have to think about it down the road. One PT has already met ALL their requirements for the year. Thanks goes out to Bear and the Thailand Crew.

This year I will be attending Supreme Scratch. That being said, please join me in congratulating James D. Malott on his induction as our new Supreme Commander. Jim started his time with the MOC here in the Pacific and has always been a staunch support of our Grand and a mentor to many of us. Just quick side-bar- three of the last ten Supreme Commanders have started in the Grand of the Pacific AND ALL three started in PT 8!!!!! Not making any editorial comments but just saying, lol.

Just three more items and I can sign off for this month:

1. I challenge each PT to submit an article to the ROF once a quarter showcasing who you are and what you do. We are all doing things, now you just have to write about it.

2. During the changeover at the Grand Convention PGC Frank absent-mindedly forgot (because I forgot to remind him) to assess fines on all newly elected/appointed officers. In discussions with him I was able to talk him into a flat rate fine of $15 per head to be assessed at the C of A in Angeles City in December.

3. We had a Great Year under PGC Frank last year and I believe we can do even better this year. Through closer communication and continual monitoring, we should not have a repeat of last year. We will do all in our power to assure that Supreme and the Grand match on numbers at ALL levels

Ok, I misspoke

4. I want to thank you (I think) for your vote of confidence and foolishness in allowing me to become your Grand Commander

Thank you and continue doing what you do.


Pat “doc” Higgins
Aka – the Witch Doctor

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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