Listen up all you Lousy Cooties,

   Let’s welcome in 2020 with a lousy BOOOOOO!!!…

   Now that is out of the way I can start with a Big BOO to District V and Pup Tent 6 for a lousy Social, CofA and Mid Term Grand Scratch. Truly terrible time had by all. Hopefully Bankok is much much worse.

   One MAJOR change to our programs will be the shutting down of the Grave Digger Program. Jimmy Collins notified us all at the CofA that the American Battle Monuments Commission has officially taken control of Clark Cemetery. And his last report was the one he gave at the CofA. That being said, we will be removing it from the requirements on the Awards Program. I have sent and email to Lil Bug Mo and Middle Bug Davis letting them know we will not hold it against anyone if they did not have it in their paperwork. In its place, PLEASE push your teams support for the Pacific House.

   Looking forward to my trips to visit Pup Tents and Districts in the next few months. I will be heading to Subic in February, Guam in March and Japan in April. So, I lets have a lousy time and get ready for a terrible time in June. I will see you all soon and Hope you had a lousy New Year and a Great Hangover…




Mad Max McCoot


Commander, Grand of the Pacific

Big Bug Handbook M3 2019-20 is available to download on the link that follows.

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White