Big Bug Squeaks

Big Bug

Frank B. Hilliard IV
Grand Commander

Big Bug Squirms…

Greetings my fellow Cooties,

As I write this, on May 3, we only have 36 days, that’s right days, left in this term. Sheesh, where did the time go?

Many of the Pup Tents responded to all obligations and challenges this term with endeavour worthy of accolades. Were you and your Pup Tent in that category? If you were I hope you submitted your inputs to JVC Bear for awards for those deserving. All Cooties are worthy of awards, but somehow we never take the time to fill out the needed form and submit it. Please take the time now. You know who they are, and you know how much they did for your success in your own Pup Tent.

If I can find out from my Grand QM, I will chat with him to see which Pup Tents completed all requirements for Grand All Star. I’m hoping the list is long, but, sorely am aware of a couple of Pup Tents which were very close to being in Default, if not having their Charter pulled. It is hard to say, but fact.

I can only say the single most important thing I have accomplished this term is to place the Grand back in solvency. I will turn it over to Doc Higgins on June 9, with coins in the Duffle, and allowing him to take off charging with funds to do it.

I am proud to say I had the opportunity to lead this Grand, and as I take my pain wracked body into retirement, I will have many positive memories. I had good leaders early on in my years as a Cootie, namely PGC Emory Russell, and PGC Don Webster. Those two fine Gentlemen molded me, and guided me. I am forever thankful, not only to them, but to all Cooties in the Grand of Pacific, with whom I have come to know over the years. THANK YOU, one and ALL.

Remember, we are all VFW Members first, Cooties by choice.

Yours in L.O.T.C.S., and Cheers,

Frank B. Hilliard IV
Commander, MOC Grand of Pacific Areas 2015-2016
VFW Gold Legacy Life Post 11447, MOC Red Star Life Pup Tent 11,
FRA 367 Life, DAV 3 Life, VVA 887 Life, AL(China Post 1)

Work Hard – Play Hard

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