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Pat Higgins
Grand Commander

Big Bug Squirms…

Well, Cooties, it is that time again for me to try and impart words of wisdom and encouragement. Hopefully I can do both but will settle for at least one.

We are 25% of the way through our Cootie year, ½ way to the C of A and we are proceeding well. Our Quarter Master, Mike Napsey, is staying on top of things and has been in contact with Supreme and most, if not all, PTs. He is tracking things and keeping me on the straight and narrow. If you have any questions related to membership or budget feel free to contact him or I and we will find some kind of answer for you. All four PTs in Korea have been inspected and they are moving along with their Membership and Hospital Visit Programs. Look over your Programs and the Supreme Handbook to make sure you are meeting requirements for Supreme and Grand. Except for some administrative discrepancies between PTs, Grand and Supreme last year I believe all 10 of our PTs should have been “ALL-STAR” status. This is something that is doable and I believe we can reach that mile-stone again this year and have all 10 of us make it.

Besides our Supreme programs, we have some local programs we need to support. We have the Pacific Areas “PADDY DADDY” Program from PT 2 in Korea. Mail applications to corrected information:

George Beck
CMR 388, Box 331
APO, AP, 96271

This address will be corrected also on the applications in the Rim of Fire.

We also still have the “GRAVE DIGGERS” from PT 15 in the Philippines. Support is still needed to continue the great work they do for our Vets and the Cemetery as a whole (no pun intended).
Another worthwhile cause, which helps Supreme, is the “RED-STAR” Program. For more information talk with Marty Ellingwood or read his article where he much more eloquently explains it better than I could.

Remember you Gang of Coots, stay on top of your Memberships and Hospital Visits. Get em in early and often. Let’s all shoot for 100% membership and 50%+ on all our other Programs by C of A.
That is about it for this month’s “Words of (dubious) Wisdom” and hope something was beneficial to y’all. Take Care, God Bless and see y’all soon.


the Witch Doctor
aka – big bug
aka – doc
aka – pat

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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