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Bill Bradford
‘Big Bug aka B3’
Grand Commander

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“Ramblings of the Big Bug”

Listen up Cooties,

It was great seeing all you Cooties at the Mid Term Council of Administration. We had a great auction and social with plenty raised for the duffle. We had an outstanding Scratch. I would like to congratulate Ron Davis on election to Little Bug. Also, congratulation to Leon Ellison on his election to District 3 Councilman. A swearing in ceremony was held for the Little Bug, Councilman District Three, Seam Squirrel Pup Tent Six, Fred Berg and CCDB Pup Tent Six Cooperman. Of course, Fun and Fines were had by all.

I hope all you cooties and family had a Merry Christmas and got a recharge for the New Year. Let’s keep up the good work of our Grand. Keep making those hospital visits and keep them smiling in the beds of white.

Recruit, Recruit and Recruit. I know our cooties are doing an excellent job recruiting for their Post. Remember, one of those new VFW members will be a cootie someday. We help our Seam’s by helping our Post.

Have a lousy day and a hot beer.

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.

Big Bug Bill Bradford

Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White

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