Big Bug Squeaks

Big Bug

Pat Higgins
Grand Commander

Big Bug Squirms…

Good Day fellow Cooties,

Well Coots, we are still in the beginnings of our new year and there are several things I need y’all to pay attention to. Last year we had an issue with tracking of key pieces of our annual requirements. This led to most of our Pup Tents not getting the recognition they deserved. Instead of having a banner year where everyone of us making “All-Star” we only had a couple make it.

This year we will endeavor to track our hospital visits, Support for National Home Projects, Support to Supreme Commander’s Project and increasing our seams. I need each Pup Tent to track these areas also. With all of us tracking keeping this on our radar we should all receive our just accolades. It was very disappointing to sit at Supreme Scratch and hear others receive awards that I know we had earned, so, with your assistance I think we can achieve “All-Star” Grand status and every Pup Tent achieve “All-Star” status. If we can pull that off I believe (Not sure, just makin stuff up here to motivate y’all, hope it works) we will be the first Grand to ever do it.

As for what it takes to be there, please check the Cootie Courier to see what each Pup Tent quota is for our projects. Please read through the Supreme Commander’s Handbook and General Order #1, paying special attention to #12. We are changing the assessment from $1 per Cootie to $2 per Cootie to meet Supreme Commander special projects.

It was brought up at the Supreme Scratch about sponsoring a house at the National Home for Children. This is a commitment of $4000 per year to cover the expenses associated with owning a home. This would be something that has to be decided at the Grand level. This should be discussed at your Pup Tents and then we can discuss at the C of A .

The next thing I need is for everyone to send their articles to the Newshound Joe Mortimer. If you don’t know what you should be writing about, look over back issues of the ROF and what your predecessors wrote and talk on those topics. It doesn’t take much research and Joe should only have to wait for my articles.

Once again Coots, I appreciate your support and listening to my little rants.
See you again next month.



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