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John C. Parker Memorial Post 1054

"Post 1054 History"

John C. Parker was a former Merchant Marine who was one of the founding members of the Post. The Post was named after him upon his death, as he was the first of the original members to pass away. The Post Home has made at least 3 moves, but has never left Yokosuka.


Chartered: May 11, 1968

Location: Yokosuka, Japan, Moved from Sub Alley in the Honcho to Yasuura in about 1989.

Commander-in-Chief:Thomas C. Walker


Past Post Commander's List


Theodore B. Mayer


Timothy R. Trimble


Kenneth C. Cole


Charles A. Green


William G. Calder


David C. Reed


Richard H. Hanna, Jr.


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Harold D. Ricker


Robert B. Heili


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Donald H. Pulsipher


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Virgil E. Gann


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Raymond L. Howe


Raymond L. Howe


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Virgil E. Gann


Virgil E. Gann


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George Jordan


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James M. Venzke


John S. Corbin


Bernie Kenna


Bernie Kenna


Robert Chenier


Kirk McKnight


Kirk McKnight


Mike Lutman


Efrain Castro

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Submitted by Kirk McKnight on 1 Aug 2006

Sullivan’s Elementary First Graders earn Young American Awards

On 12 January, 42 first grade Students from Sullivan’s Department of Defense Elementary School at Yokosuka, Japan earned Young American Awards for successfully learning the “Pledge of Allegiance.” The ceremony included another lesson for the students and a video teaching them how the pledge came about. “One of the things that members of VFW throughout the world do is to promote citizenship in our local communities and educational facilities,” Bernie Kenna, Commander of Post 1054, said. “Flags and flag education are important elements of our Citizenship Education programs and we are planning to return to Sullivan’s to assist the faculty in other educational opportunities for our children.” Commander Kenna went on to explain Americanism is an unfailing love of country; loyalty to its institutions and ideals; eagerness to defend it against all enemies; undivided allegiance to the flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to posterity and ourselves. Comrade Collis handed our buddy poppies and discussed the meaning and history behind them. The Young American awards were presented by Commander Kenna, Bob Chenier, Senior Vice Commander, Charles Collis and Huck Hugh, of Post 1054, and Sullivan’s Faculty members: Principal Dave Russell, Vice Principals Roger Reade and Peggy Wilson, and first grade teachers Betty Journey, Jane Froehike and Heather Appel. Mrs. Appel was also the project coordinator.


Bob Chenier, PAO, VFW Post 1054

09 OCT 2006; Post 1054 hosted an end of summer Post Picnic at the waterfront park in Yokosuka.

04 NOV 2006: Post 1054 reviewed 40 Patriots Pen entries selecting the entry by Denel McDowell as the winner for the post.

08 NOV 2006: Presentation by Post CDR McKnight, JVC Clayton, and Chaplin Lutman about Veteran’s Day to the Fourth Grade at Yokosuka Sullivan’s School.

16 FEB 2007: Presentation of a memorial plaque to Sullivan’s school honoring Major Taylor, a former student who was killed in Iraq. Presentation was attended by the Major's brother, the CDRs of Posts 1054 and 9467, the Sullivan’s School principal, and various teachers. The event was covered by Stars and Stripes newspaper.

16 FEB 2007: Presentation by Post CDR McKnight, JVC Clayton, and Chaplin Lutman about Presidents Day to the Second Grade at Yokosuka Sullivan’s School.

16 MAR 2007: Presentation by Post CDR McKnight, JVC Clayton, and Chaplin Lutman about the Pledge of Allegiance. Presented certificates for learning the pledge to 190 first grade students.

17 MAR 2007: Post 1054 held a recruiting drive at CFAY Yokosuka. There were two locations, outside the Commissary and in the lobby of the Fleet Rec building. 3 new members and 6 admires were signed up.

21 APR 2007: Presentation of 5 gold star flags in honor of each of the Sullivan Brothers to Sullivan’s School during the visit of Albert Sullivan's granddaughter to the school. Presented Ms. Sullivan with a post coin.

25 MAY 2007: Presentation by Post CDR McKnight, JVC Clayton, and Chaplin Lutman about Memorial Day to all grades at the Sullivan’s School. Attended Sullivan’s School Memorial Day ceremonies.

06 JUN 2007: Presentation by Post CDR McKnight about Flag Day and folding the flag to 300 Kindergarten students at Sullivan’s school.



09 JUN 2007: CDR McKnight and Chaplin Lutman presented a plaque and certificate to Denel McDowell, the Post 1054 Patriots Pen essay winner.



11 JUN 2007: Post 1054 sponsored the second annual Children’s Summer Bible School and Church Crusade on Hingotanan Island, Bohol, Philippines. The post rose over $600.00 to provide food, beverages, and supplies to over 100 children during the week long event.

05 JUL 2007: Buddy poppy drive at Yokosuka Schools resulted in $1745.00 being raised for the Posts relief fund.

21 SEP 2007: Post conducted a POW-MIA observance at the post.

23 OCT 2007: Conducted post judging for Patriots Pen, VOD, and Teacher of the year. PostReceived 50 Patriot Pen entries, 26 VOD entries, and 1 nomination for Teacher of the year.

28 OCT 2007: Post officers participated in the District II judging for Patriots Pen and VOD. Post 1054 entries were not selected at District.

09 NOV 2007: Presentation by Post Commander McKnight about Veterans day to Yokosuka Sullivans School.

09 NOV 2007: Post Commander McKnight was a member of the Offical party for the Yokosuka Kinnick High School Veterans day program to honor past and present veterans.

12 NOV 2007: Post 1054 Officers attended a joint 2 bell ceremony with the Yokosuka branch of the Fleet Reserve Association in honor of Veterans Day. Ceremony was attended by Rear Admiral Kelly CNFJ and Captain Weed, CO of Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

17 NOV 2007: Post members attend a Retiree Healthcare Information Seminar and Appreciation Day presented by the USNH at Yokosuka, the VA, and the NMCRS.

01 DEC 2007: Post reached 100% in membership for the 2007-2008 year.

06 MAR 2008: Post SVC Clayton, JVC Lutman and other post members participated in the dedication of the USS ONEIDA memorial in Kosano Park, CFA Yokosuka.

14 MAR 2008: Post Commander McKnight and SVC Clayton conducted Pledge of Allegience presentation for 167 first graders at Yokosuka Sullivan's school. Certificates were presented to all the Students.

07 APR 2008: Post reached 115.16% in membership and achieved All-American status.

26 APR 2008: At the District II meeting, the following post members were elected and installed as District Officers: Bernie Kenna-Commander, Kirk McKnight- SVC Mike Lutman-Chaplin.

28 APR 2008 - MAY 2008: Post 1054 sponsored the third annual childrens Summer Bible School and Church Crusade on Hingotanan Island, Bohol, Philippines. The post again raised over $600.00 to provide supplies and refreshments to over 100 children.

Submitted by: Kirk McKnight, 29 April 2008


Post 9467 from Yokohama merged with Post 1054


Passed Post Commander and Quartermaster Kirk McKnight passed away

Post 1054 Canteen closed operations due to lack of funds and participation. Meetings are being held at the Fleet Reserve Association in Yokosuka Japan.

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