Post 10033 History

Hill 303 Memorial Post 10033

"Post 10033 History"


Original Location: Taegu, South Korea

New Location:



History Behind the Post Name: Hill 130 Post 10033

Hill 303 Post 10033 is located in Taegu. Back in August 1950, in the early chaotic months of the “forgotten war,” Hill 303 (elevation: 950 feet), sitting about 15 miles northwest of Taegu, was a critical terrain feature controlling the main Pusan-Seoul railroad, a highway crossing of the Naktong River, and Waegwan, a small city on the edge of the hill’s southern slope. On August 14, a North Korean regiment crossed the Naktong six miles north of Waegwan. Some NKA troops and tanks headed south toward Waegwan, on what is Route 907 today, while others went around north of Hill 303, thus encircling the hill. By 0830 on August 15, North Koreans had surrounded G Company, 5th Cavalry Regiment, as well as a supporting platoon of H Company mortarmen. A relief infantry column supported by a platoon of tanks tried to reach G Company but failed. During this fighting, Waegwan became a no-man’s land, almost totally deserted. Refugees had fled to Taegu.

B Company and the tanks made new attempts on August 16 to retake Hill 303 from a battalion of 700 North Koreans. But all attempts were repulsed. To soften the resistance, enemy positions were shelled throughout the day with howitzers. During the early morning of August 17, troops from the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 5th Cavalry, supported by A Company, 70th Tank Battalion, moved toward the hill again. This time heavy mortar fire stopped them at the edge of Waegwan. Artillery was brought in later in the morning, followed by Air Force planes dropping napalm and bombs, firing rockets, and strafing enemy positions. Immediately afterward, the men of the 1st and 2nd Battalions moved forward again, and this time the assault succeeded.

Although Hill 303 was recaptured, the victory was made bitter by news of a massacre of U.S. soldiers. Forty-two mortar men of H Company were found in a gulley on the hill, packed tightly, shoulder to shoulder, and lying on their sides with their hands tied behind their backs. Miraculously, five soldiers survived. They said that when the U.S. troops started up the hill after the air strike, they had been grouped together and shot with burp guns by North Korean soldiers. (In June 1999, on the 49th anniversary of the Korean War, two of the three survivors still alive revisited Hill 303 and prayed at the site of the massacre. The KVA and U.S. soldiers at Camp Carroll sponsored the visit by former PFC Roy Manring and Pvt. Frederick M Ryan, both now 67 years old.)

Although Hill 303 was retaken, the safety of Taegu was being jeopardized. On August 18, the Korean Provincial Government ordered the city’s evacuation, and President Syngman Rhee moved his capital from there to Pusan, 55 miles away. Panicked refugees poured from Taegu, clogging the roads. Because this exodus threatened to stop all military traffic and to undermine the morale of the troops defending the city, the U.S. 8th Army pressured the Korean government and finally halted the evacuation. The rest is history. In what came later to be called the Naktong Bulge, UN forces desperately held firm at the Pusan Perimeter. Only with great difficulty, however, was the communist drive halted and the NKA eventually driven back across the Naktong River.

Compiled by Tom Elliott, Post 9467

History of Hill 303 Memorial Post 10033



Post Officers:

Commander:  Darin Combs

Sr Vice Commander:  Ralph Connor, Jr.

Jr Vice Commander:  Rich Locke

Quartermaster:  Jason Boire

Chaplain:  John Preston

Surgeon:  Alejo Quinata

Judge Advocate:  Ken Swierzewski

Trustee 1:  Jasper Sims

Trustee 2:  John Brehend

Trustee3:  William Doucette


Post members conducted the annual recruiting drive during the 4th of July Festival located at Camp Walker. Unfortunately a torrential downpour kept the recruiting numbers down. During the year Trustee 3 year Doucette tendered his resignation due to a conflict in positions. Comrade Art De Los Santos was elected to replace him.



Post Officers:

Commander:  Ken Swierzewski

Sr Vice Commander:  T.J. Welin/Darin Combs

Jr Vice Commander:  Bo Standifer

Quartermaster:  Richard Locke

Chaplain:  John Preston

Surgeon:  Pat Riordan

Judge Advocate:  Eric Brun

Trustee 1:  Ralph Connor

Trustee 2:  Jasper Sims

Trustee 3:  John Brehend


Post members conducted the annual recruiting drive on Camp Walker during the 4th of July Festival. Sr Vice Commander Welin spearheaded the effort while Commander Swierzewski was in Seoul participating in an NMSP fund raising event. In August, Sr Vice Commander Welin tendered his resignation due to PCS Move to Honduras. Comrade Darin Combs was subsequently elected to the position. During November Post members traveled north to participate with fellow District comrades in the Veterans Day Ceremony hosted by Post 8180 in Yongsan. Throughout the year the Post participated in a Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Children’s Christmas Part, a Christmas Day dinner, St Patricks Day festivities, and the annual Superbowl Party. Commander Swierzewski participated in several “Outreach” recruiting drives held at Camp Eagle, Kunsan AB, and Suwon AB. Post members traveled to Chinhae Naval Base to conduct Americanism classes for the Elementary School students as well as recruiting new members. The Post ended the year with 723 members.



29 December 2002

Hill 03

The post has never been moved nor consolidated with another post.

Two organizational type meetings were held in July and August 1999 to determine if sufficient interest lay in the community to support a veteran's organization.Needless to say that interest was there and still continues to propel this post to even greater heights than ever imagined.

The following members were our first ever-elected Post Officers for this 1999-2000 Charter Year:

Comrade Thomas F. HaiglerCommander

Comrade Rick D. FletcherSenior Vice Commander

Comrade Phillip Moore Sr.Junior Vice Commander

Comrade Frank J. SassQuartermaster

Comrade Ian K. KelleyJudge Advocate

Comrade Gina M. NoelSurgeon

Comrade Ronald D. TeetsChaplain

Comrade Tommy J. WelinTrustee 1 Year

Comrade Kenneth P. SwierzewskiTrustee 2 Year

Comrade John ComptonTrustee 3 Year

The following members, were appointed by Commander Haigler to positions as indicated

for the 1999-2000 charter year:


Comrade Frank J. SassAdjutant

Comrade William E. DickAsst QM

Comrade Carl D. TurnbowService Officer

Comrade Robert N. FellersOfficer of the Day

Comrade Robert L. Lewis, Jr.Guard

Comrade David L. SewellVOD Chairman/Americanism/Loyality Day

Comrade Terrance L. MasonYouth Essay Chairman

Comrade Fredrick G. Minkle, Jr.Buddy Poppy Chairman

Comrade Carlos A. PavaoPublic Relations Officer

Comrade Patrick L. LinenbergerSafety Chairman

The post met at various locations in Taegu from September 1999 until 1 April 2000 when we moved into the newly acquired post home and canteen.The members of Post 10033 pledged shares or made voluntary donations of over $4000 to fund the new home/canteen.Members contributed several hundred hours of volunteer work to remodel this basement facility that we leased for the home/canteen.The official opening of the new home was held on 22 April 2000.The ceremony was open to the general public and a barbecue was held after the official ceremony.All monies pledged as reimbursable shares by the Comrades were repaid within our first year of canteen operations.

The post immediately began participating in numerous community activities since inception, while launching many of its own.Some of these were, Buddy Poppy sales, car washes, savings bond award programs (VOD/Youth Essay), Hospital Visitations, Memorial Day ceremonies in Pusan and Veterans Day Ceremonies Seoul. We have supported or fellow Comrades as far away as Post 2485 during ceremonies at Clark Field in Balibago - Pampanga, Philippines. Hill 303 dedication ceremonies this same year saw us honoring our Post 10033 namesake. In addition, we sponsored sporting events, adopted an area of Cp. Walker Army Post for maintenance and preservation, made donations for soldier functions, made donations of Thanksgiving packages, orchestrated POW/MIA official ceremonies, and attended both Joint Government and Civil Korean War official ceremonies.

That year saw the Post recruit two Comrades who are veterans of the Korean War.

During our first ever participation in a Department Convention this same year, we proudly witnessed Commander Haigler being awarded “All State Commander Status” for 1999-2000;, as was Post 10033 selected as the Outstanding New Post for the Pacific Department during that June 2000 convention.Post 10033 was honored for Community Service achievements as well; while Mrs. Debbie Moore, was recognized as the outstanding Pacific Area VFW Booster with a certificate by the Pacific Department.

Upon our return home, our newly elected and appointed officers took over the helm for the 2000-2001 Term and guided us onto even bigger challenges and higher grounds. This administration consisted of the following Comrades:

Comrade Rick D. FletcherCommander

Comrade Phillip Moore Sr. Senior Vice Commander

Comrade David D. SewellJunior Vice Commander

Comrade Kenneth P. SwierzewskiQuartermaster

Comrade Jimmy HudsonJudge Advocate


Comrade Steve LionsHouse Rules Chairman

Comrade Ivan Winner Chaplain

ComradeTrustee 1 Year

ComradeTrustee 2 Year

ComradeTrustee 3 Year

The following members, were appointed by Commander Fletcher to positions as indicated for the 2000-2001 year:

Comrade Ronald D. TeetsAdjutant

Comrade Ivan WinnerAsst. QM

ComradeService Officer

ComradeOfficer of the Day


Comrade Bobby BradleyVOD Chairman/Americanism/Loyalty Day

Comrade Bobby BradleyYouth Essay Chairman

Comrade Ed McGurkBuddy Poppy Chairman

ComradePublic Relations Officer

ComradeSafety Chairman

Five months later, Post 10033 organized and sponsored Pup Tent 303, Kimchi Katz, on 18 Nov 2000 with 19 charter members.

During this Time, Commander Fletcher was forced to resign as Commander due to a change in work location. Sr. Vice Commander Moore assumed the position of commander while Jr. Vice Commander Sewell moved up to fill the void vacated by Commander Moore. Comrade McGurk was duly nominated and unanimously elected to the position of Jr. Vice Commander. With this change completed, the smooth transition merely expedited post agenda and affairs. We seemed to excel at each and every challenge. Our community involvement soared as did our reputation for charity and caring for our fellow veteran.

During the twelve months of 2000-2001 Term, the Post not only continued, but also, increased its sponsorship of many community events and fundraisers to include:

Jul:Hosted District III Quarterly Meeting

Aug: Kicked off the Annual VOD/Youth Essay Contest

Sep:Held our First Post POW/MIA Ceremony

Nov: Buddy Poppy Drive

Veterans Day Ceremony in Seoul

Thanks Giving Day Baskets

Dec: Christmas Donations to the Post Chapel for the needy

Jan:Donated baby changing stations to the Cp Walker Chapel.

19th Support Command POW/Missing Man special retreat.

Feb:Sponsored Hill 303 survivors visit. Several other Korean War Ceremonies.

Mar: Hosted our first St Patrick’s Day dinner.

Apr: Attended 19th Support Command Medal of Honor Retreat Ceremony

May: Loyalty Day parade at Osan AFB

Buddy Poppy drive.

Represented District III at the Pusan Memorial Day UN Cemetery Ceremony,

Jun: Fifteen members attended the Department Convention in the Philippines.

Invited by the Commanding General to participate in the “Donning of “The Black Beret” Ceremony at Camp Walker.

April 2001 our Post Commander and Quartermaster were named to the All-State Team due to the fact that our post led the Department in recruitment of new members for the 2000-2001 VFW year and all DPA Reporting requirements were exceeded.

May 2001, the Post Commander was selected as “All American”, after our Post closed out the recruiting year with 286 members leading Division 10 in the Distinguished category. During the District Convention at Post 10216, Osan, Korea; the following Post 10033 members were elected or appointed to District III offices for upcoming 2001-2002 year. Phil Moore, Sr Vice Commander; Dave Teets, Jr Vice Commander; Ken Swierzewski, Quartermaster; Dave Sewell, Services Officer; Tony Huber, Trustee 2.

April 2001, Post 10033 elections were held at our Home for the 2001-2002 term, and the following comrades were nominated and elected to assume office upon return from the up-coming Department Convention:

Comrade Dave TeetsCommander

Comrade Ed McGurkSr. Vice Commander

Comrade John ComptonJr. Vice Commander

Comrade Ken SwierzewskiQuartermaster

Comrade Jimmy HudsonAdvocate

Comrade Tony HuberChaplain

Comrade Scott FazzinaSurgeon

Comrade Carl TurnbowHouse Rules Committee Chairman

Comrade Jasper SimsTrustee 1

Comrade Bobby BradleyTrustee 2

Comrade Charlie QuinataTrustee 3

June 2001 saw 12 Comrades attend our second Department Convention. This time our Post received the following awards at the Convention.Outstanding Post 2000-2001, Outstanding Individual Contributor Award 2000-2001, Mrs. Debbie Moore; Outstanding Programs/Community Activities Chairman 2000-2001, Jr. Vice Commander McGurk; Special Achievement Award for Recruiting and 100% Hospital Work Achievement, Ivan Winner.

In addition, the following personnel were elected or appointed to Department of the Pacific Area offices: Phil Moore, Department Chaplain; Frank Sass, Department Advocate; Dave Teets, VOD/Youth Essay Committee Chairman, Ken Swierzewski Inspector for District III.

Upon our return home, the new slate of Elected and Appointed Officers take off running. This coming 2001-2002 year will prove hard to match for any VFW Post in the World. Take a look at what was accomplished.

July 2001.Started the new recruiting year with a big 4 July celebration and membership drive.Signed up fifty-six new annual and life members during the drive.The post undertook a project with Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter Workshop 2001 and assisted in the construction of twelve apartment units in the Kyongsan area of Korea.This project gained nation wide publicity in country and even on the National VFW web page.Present Carter came to Korea to dedicate the project and the Post presented him with a Post cap and Coin. Several Post members organized a semi professional baseball team that plays in the Class C Korean Professional league.The teamfinished the season in first place.

August 2001.Continued with the Habitat Project donating over 800 hours to its completion.The Post Canteen underwent many improvements and rapidly became the major fundraiser for our Post.

September 2001 was a bad time for our nation.Post 10033 answered the call and organized several special events during Patriotic Weekend.They included flag giveaways, VFW wives preparing food for security personnel, free haircuts, wreath laying ceremonies, and an annual POW/MIA Recognition Day/Missing Man ceremony.Membership drives have continued and we now have 345 new members signed for this year and are currently leading Department of Pacific Areas and well as Division 8 in the VFW National Distinguished Category.

October 2001: Membership has increased to 450. Again leading division 8 in the Distinguished category.The Post managed to sign the three living survivors of the Hill 303 massacre to life memberships: Fred Ryan, Roy Manring, and Melvin Rudd.The Post also has three generations of the Turnbow family as members and two generations of the Hudson Family.The Post Home/Canteen was reopened on 5 Oct.It had been closed due to terrorist threat in this area.Continued working with the Operation Worthy Cause Street Children project.There were 22 comrades at the October meeting.

November 2001.Membership has increased to 509. Now leading both the Honor and distinguished category of division 8.The Post Commander and Quartermaster attended the Veterans Day ceremony at Seoul, as well at the District III quarterly meeting.The Department Commander, Bill Wichmann, visited the Post on 14 November and presented some recruitment awards.Post has one Comrade who has recruited 100 new members and four who have recruited over 50.The Veterans Day Buddy Poppy drive resulted in $2634 in donations.Post members served Thanksgiving Dinner to the military folks at the dining facility.There were 29 Comrades at the November meeting.The VFW Baseball Team played in the league championship tournament, but was disqualified for illegal participation.Wound up the VOD program and awarded a $500 savings bond to the Post winner.

December 2001.Post membership has increased to 599.The Post now has two Comrades, Jerry Spence and Ed McGurk, with over 100 new members recruited and three with over 50 new members recruited. We met with the Department recruiting team that came to Korea.They congratulated the Post on our recruiting efforts.There were 39 Comrades at the December meeting.The Commander, District III, visited the Post.The Department Inspector, Larry Lyons, performed the annual inspection.There were no discrepancies.The Post held a Christmas party for children of Post Comrades. A Post Comrade also played Santa Claus at an orphanage Christmas party.The Post donated $200 to needy service members during the holidays.The Canteen sponsored the new Years Eve party, while members brought Potluck Dishes; and attendance was 60 plus persons.

January 2002.Membership has well exceeded 600 and we take a short breather. There are 27 members present for our monthly meeting.

February 2002. Five Comrades attend the Quarterly District II Meeting at Post 11016 on K-16 Army Airfield, Songnam, Korea. There are 27 Comrades present at our monthly meeting.

March 2002.Post Membership now hits 635. Nominations for next years VFW 2002-2003Officers are opened. 28 Comrades are present for this month’s Post Meeting. Second Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party is hosted.

April 2002. Post Membership Peaks at 651. There are 33 Comrades present at this month’s meeting.Post Commander and Quartermaster is named to the “All State Team”; for the second year in a row, after leading the Department in Recruiting and Community Activities Reporting. Post elections are held and the following Comrades are elected and or appointed to office:

Comrade Ed “Guido” McGurkCommander

Comrade John ComptonSr. Vice Commander

Comrade Bobbie BradleyJr. Vice Commander

Comrade Dave TeetsQuartermaster

Comrade John O’ConnorAdvocate

Comrade Joe BrownSurgeon

Comrade John ComptonMembership Chairman

Comrade Bobby BradleyDPA Activities Chairman

Comrade Jasper SimsHouse Rules Chairman

Comrade Charlie QuinataTrustee 1

Comrade Dave SewellTrustee 2

Comrade Mark LawrenceTrustee 3


Comrade Jasper SimsService Officer

Comrade Jimmy HudsonGuard

Comrade John O’ConnorOfficer of the Day

Comrade Tony HuberVOD/Patriots Pen Chairman

Comrade Dave TeetsBuddy Poppy Chairman

Comrade Bobby BradleyWeb Master

Comrade Scott FazzinaSafety Chairman

Comrade Patrick FranklinHouse Rules Committee

Comrade Eric BrunHouse Rules Committee

Comrade Bill DonnelleyHouse Rules Committee

Comrade Jerry SpenceFund Raising Chairman

Comrade Joe BrownHospital Chairman

May 2002. Its now official; Commander Teets is selected as “All American Commander” after Post 10033 leads National’s “Division VII Distinguished Category” all year long in conjunction with DPA Reporting rated at 100%. The Post is now declared number one “National VFW Recruiter Post” for the Year 2001-2002.

June 2002. Twenty-four Post Officers, Comrades and family members attend this year’s annual 2001-2002 Department Convention at Pataya Beach, Thailand. An excellent time is had by all.This proves to be Post 10033’s year. We bring home Plaques for “Outstanding Post of The Year”; “Outstanding Commander of The Year”, Dave Teets; “Outstanding Membership Chairman of The Year”, Sr. Vice Commander Ed McGurk; “Outstanding Community Services of The Year”, “Outstanding Department and National Recruitment Post of The Year”. Not to mention a host of other Department and National Certificates, I might add. National recognizes Comrade McGurk and Spence as Centurion Recruiters for the 2001-2002 year.

While at the Convention, we see Comrade Teets elected to the Position of Chaplain and Comrade Sass Appointed as Chief of Staff while Comrade McGurk is appointed as Operation Up-link Chairman.

Upon our return home, our newly elected slate of officers assume their positions, and quickly pick up where their predecessors left off; without missing a beat.

July 2002. The Fourth of July sees our first membership drive for the year as we recruit 46 veterans. We have our first Officers meeting and the Commander provides insight to the Post agenda for this coming year. 32 Comrades are present for the monthly meeting. The Commander Represents Post 10033 at the 19TH TSC NCO, Soldier and Katusa of the Year Awards Banquet. Newly Recruited members equal 312 by month’s end. This surpasses last July’s statistics, while Centurion Recruiter, Comrade Jerry Spence, is on a tare. Our Post hosted this year’s first District Meeting on the 27TH, where a good time was had by all. Post Commander McGurk prepared a Good-Ole Fashioned Italian Diner afterwards.

August 2002. Recruiting is right on schedule and sees us with over 400 new recruits. The House Rules Committee has met for the first time this term while the Commander calls an Officer/House Rules Committee Meeting this month as well; to discuss and correct issues of concern. The monthly Post meeting had 33 members present. Post members support the Hill 303 Fun Run on August 17TH.We also launch the Korean Peninsula’s Project Cookie Caper. Post 10033 dispenses over 20,000 individually wrapped jumbo Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies to assigned forces throughout Area IV Korea. Our very own Jr. Past Commander Dave Teets and Quartermaster Ken Swierzewski greet and escort the National VFW Ladies Auxiliary President around the Osan Air Base Area, on behalf of District III. Post Commander McGurk makes a televised appearance on AFKN to promote Project Cookie Caper. Our Post also receives Television coverage for its support of Hill 303’s Fun Run.

September 2002.This proves to be a very busy and solemn month for Post 10033, as our Post Commander takes the lead in Community Remembrance Memorial Services. Commander McGurk provided a strong, but well tempered speech on American Patriotism during the 20TH ASG’s Televised September 11 Memorial Dedication Ceremony. He and Sr. Vice Commander John Compton then laid a wreath in place at the Memorial Stone. Later that afternoon, Commander McGurk and a very large contingent of Post Members attended the 19TH TSC’s September 11 Memorial Service. Commander McGurk again, along with Comrade Charlie Quinata Presented a Wreath at this Ceremony as well. During the course of this day of mourning, or Post was represented by over 250 members at 4 separate memorials during a 16hour period.

On Sept 20TH we performed our 3RD Annual POW/MIA Service at the Evergreen Club on Camp Walker, Taegu. We hold it here so that maximum community participation can be accommodated. This year, we hosted a first ever after Ceremony Refreshment Bar for in excess of 50 guests and participants. This event was also televised by AFKN with Commander McGurk being extensively interviewed.

The Post Meeting saw 29 members present. Membership recruitment sees us at over 450 new Annual/Life members while Comrade Spence leads the way with over 270. There is little doubt that we lead VFW National Division 5 in the Distinguished Category. We predict an easy All-American Post Commander and possible All-State Commander for the third year in a row.The Post Goal is to achieve 100% membership prior to the Midterm Convention and 127% by January.

Family Fun Night is finally re-instituted on September 27TH with great food, Comradeship and a bit of entertainment. Plans are to indulge this event each month.

October 2002.We now stand at 113% in membership; our Mid-term benchmark of 100% has been met and recruitment continues. Comrade Spence is well over 300 in his quest for Recruiter of the Year. This month’s Meeting saw 42 members attend. AFKN pays tribute to Post 10033 by doing a three minute televised chronicle on Commander McGurk’s life in the community and VFW. This will be aired numerous times during November and December...

November 2002, Membership is now at 117%; we still lead National Division 5 Distinguished category while the applications continue to roll in. New membership tips 500 this month, as we lead the Department so far this year.

Department Commander Dick Keeley steams into town on 8 November with nothing but praise and accolades for Post 10033’s accomplishments this year. He is utterly amazed at the level of energy exhibited in every endeavor that we embark upon. On 9 November Commander McGurk, Past Commander Teets and Comrade Swierzewski head North with Commander Keeley for a show of the peninsula. On 11 November 5 Members accompany Commander Keeley’s attendance to the annual District III Veterans Day Ceremony in Seoul and our District Meeting afterwards.

This month’s meeting sees 27 members in attendance. Commander McGurk represents the Post at a memorial service for one of our local heroes, a Cp. Walker Fireman. Again AFKN televises his presentation as a keynote speech.

December 2002, Commander McGurk and Past Commander Teets headed South to Olongapo to attend the 2002 Midterm Convention, 6-8 December. Here we made re-aquantences with old friends and comrades. Post membership exceeds 120% or 800 plus members and was duly noted at the convention by Department as leading the Pacific. As always Post 10033 is presented with awards; to many to list. However, the important ones were from National, for our member’s recruitment efforts during the previous year.

30 members attended this month’s Post meeting. We distributed checks to low income military families with in the community for Christmas. We sponsored our second annual Children’s Christmas Party on the 21ST.

We are now geared up for the final leg of Recruiting for this year and predict an appointment as Department All-State Commander and Quartermaster with a selection as a National All-American Commander as well to close the year out. Three years in a row is not bad by any means.

December 31ST 2002 means party time at the Post. Join our second annual New Years Eve Bash. See you there...

January 2003.Meeting on 4 January with 35 members present. There were 13 new applications read and approved.QM statement of $21,756.Post 10033 entries won the Department Category for Teach of the Year award in grades K-6 and 7-8. Excellent showing. Post held the monthly pool tournament and potluck dinner.The Post had contributed over ^K to orphanages, hospitals, Relief Funds for the month of December 2002. The Post is leading Division 5 in recruiting with a total of 775 members. Processed application for 1 member for entry into Cooties.Letter of Appreciation and Department pins were pass out to Comrades Glosson, Compton, Brown, Cartwright, Agualo, Swierzewski, Winner, and O’Connor for their recruiting efforts.

February 2003. Meeting held on 8 Feb with 28 members present. Post Charter was draped in memory of Comrade Joe Roberts.QM report of $18,567.Purchased ROTC plaque and ribbon for Taegu American School JROTC. Presented VOD and Patriot Pen awards. Post still leading Division 5 in membership with 816 members. Fund raising committee collected $170 for raffle of diving wristwatch. POW t-shirts arrived and are on sale for $12 each.

March 2003. Meeting held 1 March with 27 members present. QM report $19,607. Fundraising committee collected $396 on a watch raffle. Post still tops in division 4 with 816 members. Donated $200 in support of senior class Taegu American School. Donated $90 to purchase helium for Military Day of the Child activities. Nominations open for Post Offices 2003-2004 year.Delegates were elected for the Department convention and Western Conference Convention.Post donated $300 to sponsor redecorating a room in the 121 Evac Hospital. Post obligated $60 per month to buy rice for Blue Bird nursery.

April 2003. Meeting held on 5 April with 35 members present. QM report $20,121. Post was number 1 in division 5 for year. Commander will receive an all expense paid trip to Australia. Post members will provide road guard for the Spring Children’s Fest. Elections held for Post Officers.Commander: Bobby Bradley; SVC: John O’Connor;
JVC: Jimmy Hudson; QM: Tim Prince; Advocate: Dave Teets; Surgeon: Joe Brown; Chaplain: Tony Huber.

May 2003. Meeting held 3 May with 26 members present. QM report $21,247. Community services had 41 projects, 335 volunteers, 1897 hours, and $15K. Made preparations for Grand Commander Frank Sass homecoming in June.Post will also host the District Meeting during that timeframe.

June 2003. Meeting held on 5 June with 25 members present.Read 30 applications for membership. QM report $24,519. Post finished May with 884 members. Tops in Division 5. Buddy Poppy drive in May netted $1,357 in contributions.Fund raiser made $520 on coin raffle. Post obligated $500 to get pool table recovered and a new linoleum floor on the recreation room.

July 2003.Held Grand Commander Frank Sass homecoming and hosted District meeting.

August 2003.Meeting held on 2 Aug with 41 members present. Names of 41 applicants were read and approved. QM report $25,411. Community activities: 32 projects, 248 members, 2057 hours, $14K.Charter was draped in honor of William Glosson.

October 2003. Meeting was held on 4 October with 30 members present. Names of 38 applicants were read and approved. WM report $31,717. Membership committee 222 life, 32 continuous, 7 reinstated, and 147 new.Community activities: 39 projects, 233 volunteers, 1069 hours, $11K.Post obligated $1.5K to install new computer system. Post voted to old special dinner for the 1st Cav Div Association of Korean War Veterans on 20 October.Event was held and a great success with over 10 Korean War veterans in attendance.Post voted to sponsor VFW bowling team in the Military league at Cp Walker.

November 2003.Meeting held on 1 November with 30 members present.QM report $32,299. Charter draped in honor of Gary Blackwell. Membership committee reported 246 new members signed.Community programs 39 projects, 233 volunteers, 1080 hours, $11K. Fund raising committee raised $200 on world Series pools. Donated $500 to the Taegu American School cheerleader trip to Japan. Distributed project UPLINK calling cards to various units for the holidays.

December 2003.Meeting was held 13 December with 23 members present. QM report $31,886.VOD winners announced. Patriot Pen winners announced. Membership committee reported 248 new members signed.Community activities: 299 projects2455 volunteers, 14,000 hours and $81K.

2003 was a very successful and rewarding year for Post 10033.The Post led our Division in membership and was awarded an all expense trip to Australia, Commander was Selected All-State and All-American.Post was selected as Community Service Post of the Year.One of the Post members was elected as the Department Junior Vice Commander and one was elected as Commander, Grand of the Pacific, and another as Junior Vice Commander of the Grand of the Pacific.

January 2004. Post 10033 ran in the New Year with a gala ball. Service officer obtained all forms necessary for filing an Agent Orange related Claim. Membership committee reported Post with 571 members or 64%. Taegu American School sent letter of thanks for our support of their science trip to Thailand.

February 2004. Charter was draped in honor of departed Comrade Corral who was killed in Iraq. Membership increased to 66%. Several members traveled to Osan Hill 180 ceremony. Held our annual Super Bowl party and breakfast.

March 2004. Service officer processed four claims. Membership now at 71%. Celebrated St Patrick’s Day with corned beef and green beer. Donated to the Taegu American School Junior/Senior Prom.

April 2004. Membership at 72%. Post elections held for the 2004-2005 year.

Commander: John Compton

Senior Vice Commander: Jimmy Hudson

Junior Vice Commander: Mark Lawrence

Advocate: Dave Teets

QM: Butch Cartwright

Surgeon: Jasper Sims

Chaplain: Troy Stone

HRC Chairman: Jim Phillips

Trustee 3: Jesse Mc Bride

Set aside $500 to sponsor our softball team.

May 2004. May was a very busy month we had the Loyalty Day parade at Osan along with the District meeting. Also held the Memorial Day ceremony at the Pusan UN cemetery. Conducted the Buddy Poppy Drive.

June 2004. Held the Patriot Pen award ceremony. Post at 74%. Very disappointing year for recruiting since we lost our 300+ recruiter, Comrade Spence. Will try harder next year. Sponsored a booth at the Cancer Awareness Relay Event. Sponsored the Area IV Retiree Council Meeting. Several members attended the Department Convention in Saipan. Comrade Dave Teets was elected to the office of Senior Vice Commander, Department of Pacific Areas.

July 2004. Had a recruitment drive along with the July 4th celebration. Recruited 95 new members. Looking forward to a banner year this year. Comrade Jerry Spence was given an appointment to the National Convention and also received a recruiting award for recruiting 100 new members for the third year in a row.

2005-2006 year.

The Post members recruited 396 new members (40 life) and 24 instated members this year. This was 21% of the Department total of new members. The Post was at 122% and was selected as All American.

The Post participated in 470 projects, with 2,949 volunteers, expended 14,487 hours, and returned $92,039 to the community in funds, gifts, and hours.

The Post conducted Veterans Day Ceremonies, POW/MIA Remembrance Day Ceremony, Memorial Day Ceremony, Buddy Poppy Drives, and other official functions. The Post sponsored a Children’s XMAS Party, Thanksgiving dinner, Single Solder’s XMAS Party, High School Cheerleaders, several military unit functions, Taeman Mental Hospital, Commander Homecoming, fundraisers for hurricane Katrina survivors.

The Post participated in the following National VFW Programs:

VOD/Patriot Pen/Teachers Award Programs

Adopted a Military Unit

Law Enforcement Officer Gold Medal Award

Eagle Scout of the Year Award Program

In addition the Post is the official charter sponsor of the local Boy Scout and Cub Scout programs for Daegu, Korea.

The Post was honored quarterly by the Community for our involvement and contributions.

The Post donated a POW flag to the military community and sponsored numerous unit functions. The Post sent a large food and other needed item contribution to our adopted Military unit when it deployed in the support of the War on Global Terrorism.

Both the Department and District Commander were elected from Post 10033.

The Post won the following awards at the June Convention in Thailand.

All State Commander

All State Quartermaster

Outstanding Post Commander of the Year

Outstanding VFW Member of the Year

Outstanding Programs Chairman of the Year

Three members of the Post attended the National Convention in Reno.

Ronald D. Teets



The Post Officers elected for the 2008-2009 year were:

Commander: Ken Swierzewski

Sr Vice Commander: T.J. Welin

Jr Vice Commander: Bo Standifer

QM: Richard Locke

Chaplain: John Preston

Surgeon: Pat Riordan

Judger Advocate: Eric Brun

Trustee 1: Ralph Connor

Trustee 2: Jasper Sims

Trustee 3: John Brehend

HR Chairman: Darin Combs

The year started off with Post members conducting our annual recruiting drive on Camp Walker at the 4th of July Festival. SR Vice Commander Welin spearheaded the effort. Commander Swierzewski was up in Seoul participating in an NMSP fund raising event with the Dept Commander and Sr Vice Commander.

In August, SR Vice Commander tendered his resignation due to his PCS move to Honduras. Jr Vice Commander Standifer opted to remain as Jr Vice Commander, so the Post elected HRC Chairman Darin Combs as Sr Vice Commander and then elected Comrade Kurt Walters as HRC Chairman.

In November members from this Post traveled north to participate with other comrades from the Posts in Korea in the Veterans Day Ceremony hosted by Post 8180 in Yongsan. This was followed by the District Meeting. Several other events that the Post participated throughout the year included the Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Children’s Christmas Party hosted by the Cooties from PT303, Christmas Day Dinner, The Department CofA in the Philippines, St Patricks Day, and of course our annual Superbowl Party. May saw several members of the Post elected as District Officers for the upcoming year – Sr Vice Combs was elected as Dist Sr Vice Cdr, Comrade Ralph Connor was elected as District Chaplain, and Comrade Swierzewski was elected as District Judge Advocate. Commander Swierzewski participated in several “Outreach” recruiting drives with the Dept Commander Larry Lyons and Dept Sr Vice Commander Jim Malott. Drives were held at Camp Eagle, Kunsan AB, and Suwon AB. In addition members of this Post with the 2 Dept Officers traveled to Chinhae Naval Base to conduct Americanism classes for the Elementary students there as well as recruiting new members. We can proudly say that we are a multi-service Post with members from the Army, AF, Navy and Marines. We are trying to find that elusive Coast Guard member to round out the group.

The Post ended the year with 723 members and hopes to improve on that figure in the future years. The Post concluded the year with the election of new officers and attendance at the Department Convention in the Philippines in June. Incoming Post Commander Darin Combs was elected as Department Surgeon for the 2009-2010 year.

Submitted By Ken Swierewski

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