Post 12109 History

November 2012

Post 12109, Pusan Perimeter was established at 1500hrs on 18 March at Waegwan Korea by Department of Pacific Areas Commander Barry Hirshbein.  District III Commander Patrick "Doc" Higgins and PDC Larry Lyons were also in attendance.  After the Institution, the Post held elections and the following members were elected


Commander:  Ken Swierzewski

Sr Vice Commander: Jim Malott

Jr Vice Commander:  Rick Holbrook

QM:  Darin Combs

Chaplain:  Chris Burks

Surgeon:  Steve Dalton

Judge Advocate:  John O'Connor

Trustee 1:  John Behrend

Trustee 2:  Luis A. Reyes-Colon

Trustee 3James N. Yingling

The members of the Post voted to have the meetings on the second Saturday of the month at 1300 hrs.


The original Post Officers were reelected to serve an additional year. 

June saw Post QM Darin Combs elected as Department Commander as Post Commander Ken Swierzewski appointed as Department Adjutant

June also saw QM/Adj Combs elected as Grand SVC and Commander Swierzewski elected as Grand Council Member District III. 

July:  Post Commander Swierzewski, Post QM/Adj Combs and Post SVC Malott all attended the National Convention in Reno as well as the Supreme Scratch also in Reno. Past Supreme Commander C. Marty Ellingwood nominated our SVC Jim Malott for the high office of Supreme JVC for the 2016 year.  We wish him good luck and will be campaigning for him.

Post 12109 continued a mission originally started  by Dave Teets (Post 10033) to help out our Comrades from Taiwan and purchase a box of Buddy Poppys from them.

The Post experienced our first death with the untimely demise of our Post Chaplain Chris Burks in a car accident in Korea.


New Recruits


Jesse E. Barley                        New Annual                Mario G. Diaz                         New Annual

Daniel V. Nosse                      New Annual                Jamark McCloud                     New Annual

Ashley C. Rainey                    New Annual                Adam S. Vigil                         New Annual   

Tod F. Nance                          New Annual                Allison B. Palilla                     New Annual

Anil K. Pathiary                      New Annual                Jason E. Sticha                        New Annual

Joseph A. Venturella               New Annual                Aaron M. Bruner                     New Annual

William L. Berryhill                New Annual                Noel D. Gravina                      New Annual

Aaron G. Schumaker              New Annual                Brandon C. Guy                     New Annual

Mark A. Warfield                   New Annual                Romero A. Richardson           New Annual

Adrian Villa                            New Annual                Michael D. Bettencourt          New Annual

David J. Webster                    New Annual                Manuel C. Rios                       New Annual

Kyle A. Starr                           New Annual                Brian K. Brunner                    New Annual

Joshua D. Holdos                    New Annual                Kevin W. Short                       New Annual

Keith Burns                             New Annual                Patricia J. Vegeler                   New Annual

Joshua Chastain                      New Annual                Richard L. Barch                    New Annual

Francis J. Carr                         New Annual                Garrett L. Crenshaw               New Annual

Benjamin A. Lockman            New Annual                Darius J. Joshgani                   New Annual

John S. Miller                          New Annual                Andrew A. Dick                     New Annual

David Moreno                         New Annual                Ian P. Quinn                            New Annual

Howard D. McGovern            New Annual                Seth D. Annichiarico              New Annual

Zachery D. Harkness              New Annual                Dwayne E. Young                  New Annual

William E. Jones                     New Annual                Derrick D. Binner                   New Annual

Emmanuel Dominguez            New Annual                Wallace D. Grimsky III          New Annual

Cody L. Ledbetter                  New Annual                Julis Lagarde III                     New Annual

Jon T. Robinson                      New Annual                Joseph T. Maddox                  New Annual

Christopher J. Manning           New Annual                Kenji R. Uchiyama                 New Annual

Jenna C. Lekki                        New Annual                Nancy A. Zamorski                 New Annual

Jordan M. Brogan                   New Annual                Scott Cole                               New Annual

Martin J. Jones                        New Annual                Matthew J. Calder                  New Annual

Robert Sales                            New Annual                Kristopher M. Clark                New Annual

John P. Reed                           New Annual                Thomas D. Jones                     New Annual

Gabino Seda                           New Annual                William A. Weedon                New Annual

Scott Cole                               New Annual                Jerred M. Murray                    New Annual

Robert E. Parker                     New Annual                Robert N. Grasse                    New Annual

Cody L. Zach                          New Annual                Nicholas J. Vujnich                 New Annual

Michelle J. Ledbetter              New Annual                Allen L. Kabello                     New Annual

Marie Torres                            New Annual                Aaron M. Smith                      New Annual

Sarah J. Lapine                        New Annual                Randall D. Fleming                 New Annual

Robert L. Pineda                     New Annual                John W. Proctor                      New Annual

Neuman D. Mason                  New Annual                Darryl B. Brown                     New Annual

Deloy A. Shaw                       New Annual                Roland E. Ramirez                  New Annual

Sandra L. Peralto                    New Annual                Charles N. McCorkle              New Annual


Submitted by Ken Swierzewski

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