Post 8180 History

Bonifas - Barrett Memorial Post 8180

"Post 8180 History"


Chartered: 17 April 1982

Original Location: Anjung-Ri, Korea

New Location: Seoul, Korea; Since 9 February 1983

Commander-in-Chief: Arthur J. Fellwock


January 4 1982, Charter application received at National for SGT Donn F. Porter Memorial 8180, located at Anjung-Ri, Korea.

April 17 1982, Installation of officers was held at the Post Headquarters. Seventeen officers were present for Installation. Membership dues was $15.00.

District Commander was Michael L. Sullivan

First Post Commander was Jose V. Wallace

Sr. Vice was Jose Hamilton, Jr. Vice was Calvin Cobbs, QM/ADJ was Frank Smith

July 7 1982 a regular meeting was held and a proposition to change location, Name and numerical designation of "SGT Donn F. Porter Memorial Post 8180" from Anjung-Ri, Korea to "Bonifas-Barrett Memorial Post 8180", Seoul Korea. Thirty days notice was given to all members in good standing. A final vote was taken on 14 August 1982.

December 6 1982 the change was approved by the Commander-in-Chief.

April 12 1988 Bonifas-Barrett Memorial Post 8180 voted to accept the proposed consolidation approved by the members of " Major Louis J. Sebille Post 2054. Senior Muster date March 3 1979.

October 4 1988, consolidation was approved. General Orders # 3 (1988-89)



Post 8180 is located at Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea and is named in memory of Major Arthur G. Bonifas and First Lieutenant Mark T. Barrett.

In August, 1976, the two officers were leading a peaceful tree-trimming detail within the Demilitarized Zone and were, without provocation or warning, attacked by a superior force of axe and pike wielding North Korean troops and massacred.

The deaths of Major Bonifas and First Lieutenant Barrett, our Post's namesakes, the first fatalities in the Joint Security Area since the signing of the 1953 Armistice, were not the first, nor the last casualties of the 47 year old truce. 59 other Americans and 377 Republic of Korea soldiers have also made the Supreme Sacrifice in defense of freedom and democracy here in Korea since the Armistice.

Besides the brutal deaths of Major Bonifas and First Lieutenant Barrett, nine other United Nations Command personnel were injured.

Faced with the reactive and combined forces of the United States and its Korean Allies, Kim Il-Sung issued his first ever and only Apology. The forces of Peace and Democracy prevailed and the tenuous peace returned to the Korean Peninsula.

Post 8180 was constituted in March, 1979, in Uijonbu, South Korea and in 1980, moved to Camp Humphrey’s, Anjong-Ri, South Korea. In November, 1981, the Post moved to Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea where Michael Sullivan and Michael Jugan were instrumental in assuring the Post thrived and stabilized. Michael Sullivan was the Commander in 1981-1982 with Michael Jugan assuming Command in the years 1982-1983; 1983-1984; and again in 1985-1986.

Commanders since 1986 included Larry Tucker, David Hemminger, Dusty Boeckman, Robert Crittenden, James Mack, William Horvath (2 terms), James Mayo, Edward Fondrick, Robert Henault, Paul Menius, Frederick Schomburg, Stephen Tharp, Michael Hensley and current Commander, Michael Stephens.

Post 8180 currently meets at Yongsan Main Post Club on the second Monday of each month, 1800 hours.

Major Events for the Post through the years 1979-2004 included:

1. Perimeter Memorial Post 10086 (Taegu) consolidated with Post 8180, April 1997.

2. Pusan Memorial Post 8830 (Pusan) consolidated with Post 8180, January 1998.

3. Annually hosts District 3 Meetings.

4. Assists in Repatriation Ceremonies for Korean War Veteran Remains.

5. Has seen its membership steadily rise from 25(1981) to over 800 members(2002)

6. Several outstanding members have served with distinction at higher levels including Michael Jugan, Department of Pacific Areas Commander (1997-1998) and District 3 Commander; Robert Henault, Currently Department of Pacific Areas Commander 2003-2004) and past District 3 Commander; James Mayo, Past District 3 Commander; William Horvath, Past District 3 Commander; the Late Michael Sullivan, Department of Pacific Areas Commander(1984-85) and Past District 3 Commander; and Edward Fondrick, Past District 3 Commander.

7. Conducts annual Memorial Service for Major Bonifas and 1st Lt. Barrett, normally attended by the United States Ambassador and the Commander, USFK.

8. Conducts monthly visits to patients at 121 General Hospital in Yongsan.

9. Marches annually in Loyalty Day and Memorial Day parades in Osan and Yongsan, respectively.

10. Assists in hosting special events and visits of distinguished VFW National Officers, to include: An event in July 2003 which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War armistice and where almost 2,000 Korean War Veterans were brought back to South Korea for special events; Annual visits by the VFW Commander-In-Chief and the President of the National Ladies Auxiliary.

11. Assists in numerous community events annually including: Buddy Poppy Sales twice yearly on Veterans Day and Memorial Day); sponsors golf events twice yearly); Participates in Savings Bond Award programs such as VOD/Youth Essay/Patriot Pen; Contributes annually to the John Randolph Scholarship Fund; Major contributor to “Hospital Adopt-A-Room” at the 121 General Hospital Opened January 2004); Supports 10 Area 1 Cub Scout Dens (Pack 89); Supports Teacher of the Year programs; and Operates information/membership recruiting booths several times each year at the PX, Commissary and on Columbus Day.

12. Assists in numerous events designed for the Active Duty soldier, MAP: Has Adopted Unit in the Joint Security Area Camp Bonifas) and hosted two picnics in 2003-2004, attended by more than 200 soldiers; Contributes over 1,000 telephone cards to active duty personnel stationed in Korea (Operation Uplink); Recognizes and provides plaques to distinguished graduates of the Primary Leadership Development Course, quarterly.

2003-2004 Officers:

Commander Mike Stephens

Senior Vice Commander Jim Thorn

Junior Vice Commander Bob Murray

Quartermaster Leo Dumond

Judge Advocate Mike Jugan

Chaplain Brian Crane

Surgeon Cheryl Scott

Adjutant Mark Varney

Trustee 1 Marty Glasser

Trustee 2 Bob Henault

Trustee 3 Dave Menig

Buddy Poppy Chairman Mike Higgins

VOD/Youth Essay Chairman Dave Menig


2003-2004 Events:

In addition to the previously listed recurring and annual events for Post 8180, the following transpired during 2003-2004:

1. Designed and purchased a distinct Post Pin.

2. Designed and purchased for re-sell, a new Post Cap, in colors Blue or White.

3. Purchased 15 flag sets for local Cub Scout Dens.

4. Provided VFW memberships and plaques to 8th Army Soldier and NCO of the Year.

5. Post made 100% membership goal.

6. Post donated $400.00 to National in support of the Operation Uplink Telephone Card Program.

7. Post awarded certificates to three most outstanding ROTC cadets.

8. Gave two scholarships to deserving students for College studies, of $250. each.

9. Donated $50.00 to the USO.

10. Supported a Korean War Veteran by purchasing and providing a $170 oxygen bottle during his visit to Korea’s 50th Anniversary of the Armistice Signing in July, 2003.

11. Donated $100.00 to the VFW National Home for Children.

(Submitted by Mike Stephens 03/24/2004)

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