Post 2917 History

GA' AN Point Memorial Post 2917

"Post 2917 History"

VFW Post 2917 was established in April 13, 1989.  Before the establishment of Post 2917, the first and only VFW Post in Guam was Post 1509, located in the northern village of Dededo.  A few war veterans living in the southern part of Guam became members of Post 1509 and endured the driving distance to the north.  Many other retired war veterans living in the south hesitated becoming members of Post 1509 because of the distance:  that is until someone thought about establishing a second VFW Post on Guam.

In late 1988, the late Tomas C. Guerrero, a retired navy petty officer, submitted a request to Veterans of Foreign Wars National headquarters to establish a second VFW Post in the southern part of Guam.  Upon approval from the national headquarters, Post 2917, with 33 chartered members and additional 55 members, was officially established in the Village of Agat.


Post 2917 first utilized a vacant space within the Agat mayor’s office.  The office was tasked with handling VFW business and provided a venue for all meetings.  One of the first items up for business was to elect the Post Officers.  Tomas C. Guerrero was elected the first Post Commander, which he served in that capacity for a total of seven and half years. 

In mid-1994, Post 2917 spent $17,000.00 to clear the 11,000 square meter land and relocate the building to its present location on 394 Santa Cruz Street.  In the early part of 1995, Post 2917 opened its door to members and to the general public.  Between 2000 and 2004, the Post sponsored bingo to save money to build an addition to the modular.  In 2008, the Post Home was built adjacent to the Post Canteen.   The Post Home is a 20X40 foot Concrete structure to house all Post meetings and other functions not utilizing the Canteen.  It’s now 2012 and the Post is looking to replace its outside barbeque house.  The current Commander, Bill Bradford is negotiating with the Navy for a picnic pavilion that is schedule for demolition.

Post 2917 currently has 215 members and is growing.  As goes the growth of the Post, so does the commitment to its members, veterans, and families and to the active duty personnel who grace our island. 


William W. Bradford, Commander Gaan Point Memorial Post 2917 


List of Gaan Point Memorial Post 2917 Commanders

Tomas C. Guerrero                         April 1989-June 1994

Miguel C. Cruz                                 June 1994-June 1996

Cristobal N. Quantanilla               June 1996-June 1997

Tomas C. Guerrero                        June 1997-June 1998

Juan T. Guzman                              June 1998-June 2001

Cristobal N. Quantanilla               June 2001-June 2003

Jesse F. Pangelinan                        June 2003-March 2004

Johnie L. Patao                                March 2004-June 2005

Warren Scroggins                          June 2005-December 2006

Joaquin G. Topasna                       December 2006-September 2008

Robert H. Carroll                            September 2008-June 2011

William W. Bradford                     June 2011- June 2013

George Quinata                             June 2013- June 2014

William W. Bradford                     June 2014- June 2015

Shawn C. Watson                          June 2015 - Present

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