Parent Organization: VFW Post 10033
Physical Address: Taegu, Korea
Mailing Address:
Scratch Date: Third Tuesday, 1800
Scratch Location, if other than Post Home: None
Chartered: 18 November 2000
Affiliate Posts:

Note: This article contains the History of the Kimchi Katz – Pup Tent 303 with changes (1) – (3) incorporated. Change # 3, dated 22 September 2004, is underlined.

On 18 November 2000 at 1030 hrs, Grand Commander Bill Wichmann opened the first Scratch of PUP Tent 303, Kimchi Katz. The Scratch was held at the VFW Post 10033 Post home, Taegu, Korea.

Grand Commander Wichmann conducted the institution ceremony accompanied by Grand Provost Marshall Frank Sass, Grand JVC Jim Mayo, Grand Sky Pilot Ron Davis, and Ed McGurk Cootie Pup Tent 303. The degree work for the Atoms who became Nits, Graybacks and Cooties took a little over an hour’s time. A total of twelve Atoms became Nits, Graybacks, and then Cooties.

The following members were elected or appointed to positions indicated for the 2000-2001 charter year:

Ronald D. Teets – Seam Squirrel
Ed McGurke – Blanket Bum
Larry Jackson – Hide Gimlet
Ken Swierzewski – CCDB
Ivan Winner – Sky Pilot
James Hudson – Shyster
Steve Lyons – Pill Pusher
Philip Moore – Provost Marshal
Scott Fazzina – Keeper of Lousy Record

During our first year the Pup Tent sponsored numerous hospital visits, participated in many community and VFW sponsored events, and conducted several fundraisers. The Pup Tent spearheaded the membership drives for the Post; and signed up 161 new VFW members resulting in Post 10033 being the number one Post in the Dept Of The Pacific as well as number one in Division 10’s Distinguished Category. Thus contributing significantly to the efforts that resulted in the Commander Phil Moore of Post 10033 being selected as an “All American” and “All State” Commander.

Cootie Winner sponsored a raffle ticket sale this same year that netted over $2000.00 for Post 10033 during March, April and May 2001. The drawing was held on 1 Jun. Some of the proceeds were slated to sponsor the Post Commander’s trip to the Department Convention in June.

The Pup Tent donated over $600.00 to buy equipment for the Post baseball team, which plays in the Korean Class E professional league. This is the only VFW/MOC sponsored professional baseball team in the overseas theater. Several Cooties play on the team.

The Pup Tent has been selected by the Grand of the Pacific to sponsor the annual wreath laying ceremony at the Pusan United Nations Cemetery on Memorial Day.

One of our Cooties, James Hudson, will be appointed as the Grand of the Pacific’s National Home Special Projects Chairman for the 2001-2002 year. Under Cootie Hudson’s Tutelage our Pup Tent became the second Pup Tent ever to achieve 100% membership in The Paddy Daddy’s foundation to the National Home.

On 19 March 2001 elections were held for the 2001-2002 year. Newly elected Shavetails are:

Seam Squirrel – Ed McGurk
Blanket Bum – Ken Sweirzewski
Hide Gimlet – Ivan winner
CCDB – Charlie Quinata
Shyster – James Hudson
Pill Pusher – Steve Lyons
Sky Pilot – Carl Turnbow
KLR – Scott Fazzina
Tightwad 3 – Tim Unger

In June 2001, after only being in existence a short eight months, we attended our first Grand of the Pacific Scratch where we firmly established ourselves as being an integral part of this Great Grand. When the dust finally settled, we brought home some considerable wealth to include the following Grand Of The Pacific 2000-2001 Awards and Tittles:

Outstanding Seam Squirrel Of The Year – Dave Teets
Outstanding Cootie Of The Year – Ed McGurk
Outstanding New Cootie Of The Year – Ivan Winner
Outstanding CCDB Of The Year – Ken Sweirzewski
Pup Tent VFW Booster Award
Outstanding Hospital Work 100%

We also saw two of our Cooties (Teets and McGurk respectfully) become elected to the position of Grand Chaplain and Grand Historian for 2001-2002. Shortly there after two of our Cooties, McGurk and Sweirzewski, were appointed as Supreme Aide De Camp’s for their VFW recruiting efforts.

The 2001-2002 Year has seen our seams swell to 27 members, with two more Atoms slated for initiation. Our VFW Booster Recruitment Program leads the way for the Grand as of November 2001with 390 new and /or reinstated members. By the 11 November 2001 Department Early Bird Cutoff, we already had one Centurion and four Cooties with over 50 recruits each. Not to be out shined; our Hospital Program as of October 2001 leads the way for Grand by being over 400% of its quota and still going strong with six months to go.

We meet at our Post (10033) Home in Taegu, Korea on the third Tuesday of each month at 1800 Hrs. Our Seam Squirrel’s e-mail address is

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the C of A midterm in Olongapo and The Grand Scratch in Pattaya.


January 2002: scratch was held with 18 Cooties present.
– Initiated 1 Atom to the 1st degree.
– Past Grand Commander Michael Jugan was present.
– Cootie Jerry ran the Super Bowl Pool and made $200 for the PT.
– Cooties signed up sufficient new VFW members so that the Post is now at 220%.
February 2002: Scratch opened with 19 Cooties present.
– Duffle collected was $150.00.
– PT sponsored the super bowl breakfast with free food and drink.
– Special ceremony held for the 8 Comrades from 160th SOAR who died fighting terrorism in the PI.

March 2002: Scratch was held with 20 Cooties present.
– Pup tent hosted the annual St Patrick Day bash. Free food and green beer.

April 2002: Scratch was held with 17 Cooties in attendance.

May 2002: Scratch was held with 14 Cooties present.
– The Pup Tent participated in the Loyalty Day Parade held at Osan and the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Pusan UN Cemetery.
– The Pup Tent presented the wreath for the MOC.
– The Pup Tent participated in the Buddy Poppy Drive in support of our parent Post.

June 2002: Cooties had signed 150 new VFW members for the new year. Scratch was held with 18 Cooties present.
– The following Cooties of PT 303 were elected or appointed to the following positions at the Grand Scratch.
Senior Vice Commander: Cootie Sass
Jr Vice Commander: Cootie McGurk
Chaplain: Cootie Huber
Historian: Cootie Swierzewski
Chief of Staff: Cootie Teets
– Awards garnered at the Grand Scratch were: Outstanding Seam Squirrel, Outstanding Pup Tent, Outstanding Cootie, Outstanding New Cootie, Outstanding Hospital work, Outstanding Booster, Outstanding National Home Special Project.

July 2002: Scratch was held with 18 Cooties present.
– By now Cooties have signed 240 new members for the Post.
– PT raised $240.00 for the Grand Awards fund.

August 2002: Scratch was held with 20 Cooties present.
– Four new Atoms were initiated to the 1st degree. One was in the hospital.
– Assisted the Post in distribution of 21,000 cookies to all military units in our area.
– Sponsored the Hill 303 memorial fun run. Many Cooties were in attendance. along with the Armed Forces Television service. After the fun run two Cooties singed an additional 41 new members for the Post.
– Two of our Cooties had the pleasure of escorting the President of the National Ladies Auxiliary on a shopping spree.
– Conducted a raffle in support of the VOD and Patriot Pen programs.
– Finalized design of our Pup Tent pin.

September 2002: Scratch held with 21 Cooties present.
– Initiated 1 Atom to the 1st Degree and 5 nits to the 2nd Degree.
– Raised $173 in duffle.
– PT is once again 100% in the Paddy Daddy.
– PT supported the September 11 Patriots Day ceremony.
– Cooties laid the ceremonial wreath. Cooties also supported the Sept 20 POW/MIA day event.

October 2002: Scratch was conducted with 19 Cooties present.
– Grand Deputy Inspector for Korea performed his magic. Duffle collected was $138.
– PT raffle for VOD netted total of $1,690.
– PT had Charlie Daniels (entertainer) at the canteen as our special guest.

November 2002: Scratch was held with 20 Cooties present. Pup Tent received our official “Bull Penis Cane”. It was properly presented and displayed.
– Also “Bill the Kat” made his official appearance.
– Initiated 4 Graybacks to the 3rd degree.

December 2002: Scratch was held with 16 Cooties present. One Grayback was initiated to the 3rd degree. Duffle was $153 with $58 auction.
– Sold one of our Bull Penis Canes to a gimpy Cootie.
– Following Cooties received booster awards: Cooties Teets, Spence, McGurk, Hudson, Jackson, O’Connor, Quinata, Jensen, and Fazzina. Sponsored the annual children’s Xmas party.
– Two Cooties attended the CofA at Bario Baretta.

January 2003: Scratch was held with 13 Cooties present. Approved application of one new Atom
– Finally got our Pup Tent pin “Bill the Kat”.
– New Years Eve party was a huge success. The super bowl breakfast was also a rousing success with many folks in attendance. Maybe it was the giant screen TV and free drinks.
– Opened nominations for new Shavetails for 2003-2004 year.

February 2003: Scratch was held with 16 Cooties present. Duffle collected was $160.00 Cootie Jerry completed the raffle for the watch. Take was $268.00.
– Bill the Kat made his official appearance. What a guy.
– Elections were held with the following results.
Seam Squirrel: John O’Connor
Blanket Bum: Bobby Bradley
Hide Gimlet: Joe Brown
Shyster: Jimmy Hudson
Sky Pilot: Tony Huber
CCDB: Jasper Sims
Pill Pusher: John Behrend
Tightwad 3: Jessie McBride

March 2003: Scratch was held with 19 cooties in attendance. New PT pins were presented to all attendees.
– Some appointments to Supreme were announced:
Deputy Chief of Staff Cootie Teets; Aide De Camps Cooties Bradley, Sims and Lawrence. .
– The Seam Squirrel from PT4, Tillicum, Washington, was in attendance.

April 2003. Scratch was held with 19 Cooties in attendance. Had an early scratch so we could welcome Past Grand Commander John Welsh to our Seams. What a super guy.
– Grand Chief of Staff Teets took him to PT 8 at Osan.
– Collected duffle of $187.00 and raffle of $75.00 Great support.
– The PT helped sponsor the Community Easter Day festivities for children.

May 2003. What a busy month. Scratch was held with 17 Cooties present. Duffle was $210.00 plus a $51.00 raffle.
– The PT supported the Buddy Poppy drive and collected $1,357.00. The PT also participated in the Memorial Day ceremony at the Pusan UN Cemetery. Presented the wreath for the MOC.
– The PT also participated in the Osan Loyalty Day Parade with 14 Cooties marching, 1 riding, and 1 watching. On 15 May the PT welcomed the MIA repatriation team from Hawaii. They were in Korea to exhume the bodies of two US service members from the Korean War.

June 2003. What a great ending for a great year for Pup Tent 303. Scratch was held with 12 Cooties present.
– Duffle collected was $126 and $37 raffle.
– The Pup Tent won the following awards at the Grand Scratch: Outstanding Pup Tent, Outstanding Seam Squirrel, Outstanding Cootie, Outstanding New Cootie, Outstanding Booster, Outstanding Newzlitter, plus many citations and letters of distinction.
– The following Cooties were elected or appointed to Grand positions;
Grand Commander: Cootie Sass
Grand Sr Vice Commander: Cootie McGurk
Grand Inspector: Cootie Teets
Grand Deputy Inspector for Korea: Cootie Sims
District III Council Member and Grand Guard: Cootie Swierzewski.

Jul 2003. Scratch held on 3rd Tuesday with 16 Cooties present. Several Cooties helped the Post on the July 4 recruitment effort. Many Cooties went to Seoul for a BBQ honoring Korean War Veterans.

Aug 2003. Scratch held 19 Aug with 14 Cooties present. Voted to allow three new Atoms to join the seams. Donated funds to lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery. Pup Tent voted to sponsor the National Home.

Oct 2003. Scratch was 3rd Tuesday with 17 Cooties present. Duffle collected was $411 and donated to National Home. Cootie Jerry s ran a World Series pool and raised $400. PT Newzlitter was selected as best in the Grand and Newzhound was presented with a Supreme Aide De Camp certificate.

Nov 2003. Scratch was held on 18 Nov. Approved membership for Comrade Carelock. Several Cooties attended the Veteran Day ceremony in Seoul. Participated in the Buddy Poppy Drive. Planned for the annual Cootie Children’s XMAS Party.

Dec 2003. Scratch held on 16 Dec with 18 Cooties. Cootie Jerry S appointed as Special Aide de Camp to the CINC. Cootie Dave Teets elected as Grand Jr Vice at the CofA. Initiated our first female Atom.

Feb 04. Scratch held on 17 Feb with 16 Cooties present. Held memorial for passing of Past Grand Commander Vileo. He will be missed. Hospital chairman reported 197% of quota. Hand nominations for shave tails for 2004-2005. Donated $200 for Area IV volunteer of the quarter.

Mar 04. Scratch held 16 Mar with 15 Cooties present. Put two Graybacks though the 3rd degree. Held elections, results:

SS: Bobby Bradley; BB: Joe Brown, HG Jasper Sims, CCDB: Steve Lyons, Shyster: Jimmy Hudson, Sky Pilot: Mark Lawrence, Hungry Cootie: Carl Turnbow, Pill Pusher: John Behrend, Tight Wad 3: Butch Cartwright

May 04. Scratch held with 14 Cooties present. PT 303 is 3rd in Grand for life members; 2nd in Grand for Hospital visits, 1st in Grand for National Home support. Cootie Brun elected as Shyster, Cootie Hudson elected as HG. Elected delegates to the Grand Convention. Cooties participated in the Memorial Day ceremony at the Pusan UN cemetery and the Buddy Poppy drive.

June 04. Scratch held early so Cooties can go to the Grand Scratch in Saipan. Cootie Frank Sass elected as Grand Commander; Cootie Dave Teets reelected as Grand Jr Vice, Cootie Ken Swier elected as Grand Chaplain, Cootie Jimmy Hudson was appointed as Grand Inspector, Cootie John OConnor appointed as Grand Guard, Cootie Butch Cartwright appointed as Grand Hospital Chairman, Cootie Jasper Sims appointed as Asst Grand QM.

Pup Tent received the following awards: Outstanding Pup Tent, Outstanding VFW Booster of the Year, Outstanding CCDB, Hospital Support over 300%, and VFW Booster of Year Recruiting.

Pup Tent 303 had a very successful year.

Dave Teets
Cootie 15, PT 303

GRAND Historian
GRAND Webmaster

Following is an update to the Pup Tent 303 history file. Please post on our website and retain for you records.

Jul 2004. Scratch held on 20 Jul 04 with 11 Cooties present. Atom Side Kick (Ralph) Connors was taken thru the 1st degree. Cootie Stone is departing the puptent and was recognized for his contributions as Sky Pilot. The Pup Tent received the following awards in the last department convention:
1. Outstanding Booster
2. Outstanding CCDB
3. Hospital Work
4. Hospital Work over 300%
5. Booster of the Year
6. Outstanding Pup tent of the year
Motions made:
1. Donation of $500.00 towards purchasing a new computer for Fischer house.

Aug 2004. Scratch held 19 Aug with 14 Cooties present. Voted to allow three new Atoms to join the seams.
Motions made:
1. Donated funds to lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery.
2. Pup Tent voted to sponsor the National Home.
3. Voted to move the next scratch to 23 Sept so the SS can be present for initiation

Sept 2004. Scratch held 21 Sep with 13 Cooties present. Two Nits went through the 1st Degree initiatiation. One cootie was in the hospital giving birth to a lil cootie.
Motions made: none

Oct 2004. Scratch held on 19 Oct with 17 Cooties present. Three 3 Nits went through the 2nd Degree initiation. The total duffel from the scratch was $584.00 and $122.00 from the pup tent auctioneer, extraordinary for a total of $706.00.
Motions made:
1. All duffle to go to National Home childrens Christmas Party.

Nov 2004. Scratch was held on 16 Nov and there were 17 cooties present. Three graybacks were taken through the 3rd degree initiation. Letter read from Earnest A. Paulin, Grand master MOC of Michigan, thanking our Pup Tent for the generous offer of $706.00 for the national home Christmas party.
Motions made:
1. Donated $300.00 to the Hilltop Club for right-arm night in December for recruitment.
2. Gift from top 3 chairs request $400.00 for a cootie in distress.

Dec 2004. Scratch held on 21 Dec with 18 Cooties.
1. Donated $500.00 to the Boy Scouts.
2. Motion made for $500.00 to sponsor the 1st Cootie Night out.

Jan 2005. Scratch held on 18 Jan with 16 cooties present. New elections brought up by Seam Squirrel. Superbowl party preparations discussed. Raffle would be done to help a cootie family in need.
Motions: none

Feb 2005. Scratch held on 15 Feb with 13 Cooties present. Letters of intent for the upcoming elections read and nominations for positions taken. Cootie outing was discussed and concluded that red cootie shirts would be worn. Read letter from 2 cooties to attend the convention in Utah.
1. Two cooties will represent the pup tent at the convention in Utah.
2. Boxes will be set up for donations for Afghan children.

Mar 2005. Scratch held 15 Mar with 16 Cooties present. Cootie Teets started his elections while the pup tent continued with its elections.
Positions gained are:
Seam Squirrel Cootie Sims
Blanket Bum Cootie Hudson
Hide Gimlet Cootie Compton
CCDB Cootie Lyons
Shyster Cootie Ken
Sky Pilot Cootie Lawrence
Keeper of the Lousy Records Cootie Turnbow
Pill Pusher Cootie Connor
Tight wad 3 Cootie Morris
Cootie Sims will make a Cootie Honor Roll.
Cootie Teets will obtain Cootie Casey’s hat, frame it, and hang it in the Pup tent.
Cootie Lyons 2nd a motion to pay for the framing not to exceed $100.00. Cootie Sims made the motion. Motion passed.
Cootie Hudson brought up that we had already approved the SS $500.00 to go to the convention. He asked to amend that to $800.00 to include hotel. Cootie Teets made the motion. Motion passed.
Cootie Sims close out the election and advised he would be calling personnel to fill the assigned positions.
Jimmy Legs Cootie Behrend
Provost Marshall Cootie O’Connor
Hungry Cootie Cootie Brun
VFW Booster Cootie Compton
Hospital Chairperson Cootie Eldridge
National Home Cootie Connor
Shirt reader Cootie Bradley
Guardian Sacred Ditty Box Cootie Winner
Pestiferous Coffee Cooler Cootie Turnbow
Newshound Cootie Teets
Windjammer Cootie Quinata
Delousing Crew Cooties Turnbow/Eldridge

April 2005. Scratch held on 20 Apr with 15 Cooties present.
Cootie Sims checked all his contacts by May 8th in relation to Memorial Day in Pusan. The event is 31 May at 1045 hrs tentatively. Cootie Compton volunteered to lay the wreath. The $42.00 for flowers was paid by district. Cootie Teets stated our only responsibility in the ceremony is to lay the wreath and participate.
Motions: None

May 2005. Scratch held on 17 May with 13 Cooties present.
Cootie Teets brought up the John Randolph Scholarship Fund that is sponsored by the Grand of the Pacific. Cootie Teets 2nd a motion to donate $300.00 to the fund. Cootie Connor made the motion. Motion passed.
Hungry Cootie read a request from the Walker YS for donations for their sports banquet. Cootie Connor 2nd a motion to donate $200.00. Cootie Brun made the motion. Motion passed.
Cootie Turnbow read a letter from the 36th Sig Bn requesting funds for their organization day. Cootie Turnbow 2nd a motion to give them $50.00. Cootie Sims made the motion. Motion passed.
Cootie O’Connor 2nd a motion to assign 3 delegates to the upcoming Grand Scratch. He then amended it to 5. Cootie Connor made the motion. Delegates are:
Cootie O’Connor
Cootie Morris
Cootie Hudson
Cootie Sims
Cootie Compton
Motion Passed.
Cootie Teets brought up the Booster sheet for the Grand Scratch. He 2nd a motion to obligate $48.00 for the A__h__e cooties who did not pay. The motion also requested $129.00 from the CDDB to pay for the booster sheet and 3 blank checks to cover other charges. Cootie Jackson made the motion. Motion passed.

June 2005. Scratch held on 21 Jun with 12 Cooties present.
Clark Cemetery is in the hole $2000 and needs financial assistance. Cootie Connor 2nd a motion to donate $250.00 for the Clark Cemetery Cootie Bradley made motion. Motion Passed

July 2005. Scratch held on 20 Jul with 11 Cooties present.
Cootie Teets advised that in the last convention only 2 Pup tents won all the awards, us and Pup tent 8. We received the following awards:
1. Outstanding Booster Cootie Spense
2. Outstanding CCDB Cootie Sims
3. Hospital Work
4. Hospital Work over 300%
5. Booster of the Year
6. Outstanding Pup tent of the year
Cootie Teets also brought up the Fischer House at Tripler Hospital in Hawaii. He stated that many comrades have stayed there and they need a new computer system. Since we support Hospitals and the Hospitals support us and soldiers, Cootie Teets made a motion to donate $350.00 towards purchasing a new computer for Fischer house. Cootie Stone amended it to $500.00. Motion passed. Cootie Teets will get the address for the Fischer House.
Cootie Jessie stood up and offered a personal cootie donation of 20.00 to the Fischer House.

August 2005. Scratch held on 19 Aug with 13 Cooties present.
Comrade Dave covered the upcoming POW MIA Ceremony. He advised the Evergreen was booked with events and was maybe looking at using the Post Home. Cootie Sims interjected that he will check with the Walker Chapel. About this time Cootie CellPhone Charlie’s cell phone rang and interrupted Past All American VFW Commander, Prior Seam Squirrel, Current Grand Junior Vice Commander, Grand Fund Raiser Extraordinaire and Grand Auctioneer Cootie Dave Teets, but he also answered the phone and started a conversation. Obviously a low down scum sucking Cootie dear to our pitiful hearts. Meanwhile Cootie Behrends brought up the Hilltop Club as an alternate place for the ceremony. Cootie Teets was in the middle of explaining how a den of gambling, booze and greed would not be worthy for such a ceremony, I’d be damned if Cootie Cellphone Charlie’s cell phone didn’t ring again. And he did the same thing. Holy Cootie burger Cootie Cellphone Charlie was again holding a conversation, during the scratch and interrupted Past All American VFW Commander, Prior Seam Squirrel, Current Grand Junior Vice Commander, Grand Fund Raiser Extraordinaire and Grand Auctioneer Cootie Dave Teets again. Cootie Teets addressed Cootie Cellphone Charlie in a pleasant tone of voice (uhuh) and he put his phone away. Cootie Teets then 2nd a motion to set aside $300.00 for POW/MIA ceremony for food and drinks and such. Cootie Teets is finished. Cootie Lawrence made the motion and it unanimously passed.

Cootie Teets said he read the minutes from the last 6 months and there was no business. Which is hard to believe because I can barely make out the words in some of those myself, and I wrote them. Anyway Cootie Teets and Cootie Charlie/Jasper/Jimmy recommended a Cootie picnic in Sep or Oct on Cp walker. Pup Tent will provide all the food/meat and other Cooties/people will bring side dishes. We were also informed by the Older Cooties that this will be to recreate and not procreate. Definition: [v] have offspring or young; “The deer in our neighborhood reproduce madly”. It was also voted on to set aside $500.00 for the Cootie picnic. Cootie Teets 2nd the motion and Cootie Hudson made the motion for the picnic..not procreating. Motion was carried. Cootie Teets is finished..again.

Cootie ken also gave $20.00 for the last 2 months and also paid $20.00 for the Seem Squirrel.

September 2005. Scratch held on 19 Sep with 10 Cooties and 2 Greybacks present. Nominations were opened for Sky Pilot. Nominations will remain open until October Scratch. Ivan Winner was nominated.
Fees for Cootie Bradley 2nd a motion to pursue the purchase of a 42” Plasma TV to be raffled off Thanksgiving. Cootie Connor made the motion.
The Shyster will run issue through JAG and check on any ration issues.
Motion passed.
Motion made to donate $200.00 to the VFW to support the Boy Scouts efforts in the relief of Korean families who were victims of Hurricane Katrina
Motion passed.

October 2005. Scratch held on 18 Oct with ____ Cooties present. Letters of intent for the upcoming elections read and nominations for positions taken.

Pup Tent 303 had a very successful year.

Carl D. Turnbow
Cootie 30, PT 303

Below is a summary of Pup Tent highlights for the 2005-2006 year under Seam Squirrel Jasper Sims.

Pup Tent Performance: Pup Tent Membership Prior Year 40, Membership Present Year Membership 42. Increase in Number of Members 2. Increase in Membership Percentage 5%

Hospital Program Percentage of PT Quota achieved 537% Number of Hospital Visits by SS 14 Number of Hospital Visits by PT 347 Booster Program Number N/R/LM Recruited by PT 558 Brief Recommendation (not to exceed this area):  Pup Tent 303 achieved the following during the 2005-2006 Term:

· Three Cooties recruited 100+ new VFW members.

· Received Supreme Citation for 100+% in membership prior to Dec 05.

· Established a MOC Life Membership payment plan for PT members.

· PT had a total of 776 Cooties participated in over 1110 Community Activities logging in over 6571 hours with more than 125,034 miles with money totaling $9,530.

· Conducted fund raiser for Clark Cemetery – Provide $500.00 Check to Clark.

· Established a Pull Tab Fund Raiser to assist the PT as well as the VFW post 10033 when needed.

· Funds the VFW House Band for the VFW Post for monthly performances.

· Host the District III annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the Busan International Memorial Cemetery.

· PT provided a free Super Bowl breakfast for all VFW members and guest.

· Assisted Post 10033 with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts sponsorship activities.

· Funded Post 10033 Children Christmas Party to include party foods.

· Received Supreme 100% Membership Citation for VFW Booster Program.

· PT held the 1st Annual Swam.

· PT provided CARE packages to the 160th SOAR unit deployed to Iraq.

· Provided funds to support the Katrina Relief.

· Assisted in briefing the Child Care Development Center on how the VFW supports the Community and Veterans.

Pup Tent 303 did very well at the 2005-2006 Grand Scratch in purloining some of the most coveted awards.

Outstanding Pup Tent of the Year

Outstanding Cootie of the Year (Cootie Ralph C)

Outstanding New Cootie of the Year: (Cootie Jim P)

Outstanding Hospital Chairman (Cootie Butch)

Outstanding Booster Recruiting Post

1st Place Pup Tent Hospital

Individual awards were also presented:

Supreme Aide de Camp Recruiting Class: Phillips, Winner, Sims.

Certificate for signing 2 Cootie Life Members: Sims, Lyons S.

25 Hospital Visits: Winner, Hudson, Brown, Behrend, Cartwright

5 Hospital Visits: Morris, Sims, Connor, Brun, Lawrence, Lyons S, Bradley, Swierzewski, Teets, Sass, Phillips, Quinata, Lyons L.

Update for year 2005-2006 provided by the Keep of Lousy Records, Cootie 15, Dave Teets, Pup Tent 303.

July 2007 Scratch conducted by Seam Squirrel John Compton with 13 Cooties and 1 Atom present.
Atom instituted to Nit degree
CCDB reported $8628 on hand.  Duffle donated at scratch $150.
Hospital report: PT ended year with 685% of quota leading the Grand.
September 2007 Scratch conducted by Seam Squirrel Compton with 9 Cooties present.
One Cootie in distress.
CCDB report $5,042. Duffle collected at Scratch $147.
$100 Collected for National Home XMAS party.
Several Cooties donated stamps.
Cootie Tim Unger elected as Hide Gimlet
Motion made and passed to obligate $300 in support of New Year’s Day fun run.
Taegu High School requested American flags for each classroom.  Several Cooties donated supply certificates and cash. More collections will be made.
October 2007 Scratch conducted by Seam Squirrel Compton with 13 Cooties and 1 Grayback present.
Installed one Grayback to Cootie degree.
One Cootie in distress.
CCDB report $7435.00.  Duffle collected $210.00
Conducted raffle with funds to be donated to National Home XMAS party.
Cootie Coleman elected as Pill Pusher.
December 2007 Scratch conducted by Seam Squirrel Compton with 7 Cooties present.
No CCDB report.  $110 collected for duffle.
Hungry Cootie read letter from Grand of Michigan thanking PT for donations to National Home XMAS party.
Planning finalized for the PT XMAS party for children to be held in Post Home on 22 Dec 2008.
January 2008 Scratch was conducted by Seam Squirrel Compton with 11 Cooties present.
CCDB report $5918.00.  Duffle collected $128.
Hungry Cootie announced 3rd degree password.
Cooties donated stamps.
XMAS party had 25 children in attendance. Santa Claus made his appearance and all was a great success.
New Year’s Day fun run had 76 participants and everyone was a winner.
Seam Squirrel Compton announced his resignation from Seam Squirrel immediately and left the head table.
Blanket Bum Connor and Hide Gimlet Unger were elevated and scratch continued.
Motion made and approved to obligate $350 for Super Bowl Breakfast.
Announcement that election would be held next Scratch for a new Hide Gimlet.
February 2008 Scratch was conducted by Seam Squirrel Ralph Connor with 12 Cooties present.
CCDB report $6095.00. Duffle collected $181.00.
One Cootie in distress.
Hospital report that PT is at 225% of quota.
Motion made and passed to obligate $40 to offset cost of Valentine Day flowers for the ladies.
Cootie Butch Cartwright elected as Hide Gimlet.
Nominations for Shavetails for 2008-2009 year. Seam Squirrel-Ralph Connor: Blanket Bum-Tim Unger: Hide Gimlet-Butch Cartwright: CCDB-Steve Lyons: Shyster-Eric Brun: Sky Pilot-Steve Dalton: Keeper of Lousy Record-blank: Pill Pusher-John Compton: Tightwad 3-Jesse McBride.
Farewell to Cootie Dave Teets.  He is returning to CONUS.
March 2008 Scratch was conducted by Seam Squirrel Ralph Connor with 11 Cooties present
CCDB report $6095.00
Two cooties in distress.
Cootie Jim Malott nominated for Keeper of Lousy Record.
Election was conducted and nominees for all positions were elected.
Motion made and passed to obligated $250 for BBQ following the Post fishing trip.
June 2008 Scratch was conducted by Seam Squirrel Connor with 12 Cooties present
Receive 4 applications, 3 approved.
Two Cooties in distress.
CCDB report $6455.00.
Motion made and approved to obligate $3000 for Cootie Social.
7 Cooties received hospital awards
July 2008.
Report for Cootie Swarm
The swarm was just totally lousy, even worse than the one we had last year. We had the worst participation I could have expected with 45 Cooties, their Chiefs of Staff, mini-me’s, and guests. I want to thank Cootie Jasper for his part in making this swarm a truly lousy success. Cootie “Break-the-Bank” Sims put together the transportation piece and the door prizes again this year as well as negotiating the settlement while keeping us under the budget for two years crawling. I want to also thank everyone who came and expressed their enjoyment and their criticisms. I just ask that you take the time to put your thoughts for next year’s event in an e-mail and send it to me so I can pass it on to then next Seam Squirrel to help plan an even lousier event.

  Our new Nits got to trade in their 5-star Santa hats for the real deal. Hope they figure out which side the tassle is supposed to be on before the next Scratch…. Nah, just fine ’em.

  We also missed those who ended up working and couldn’t attend and those who couldn’t come from afar. We wish you could have been here.

  While I’m at it, I promised I would send out the new program book for those who have not yet received it. You might want to look through it as it explains several programs designed to support the National Home and I need your help in generating that support.
  Yours in LOTCS,
Cootie Ralph
January 2009 Scratch conducted by Seam Squirrel Connor with 9 cooties present.
1 Cootie in distress.
CCDB report $3820.00 Duffle collected $141.
Hospital report 56% of quota
100% Paddy Daddy program
March 2009 Scratch conducted by Seam Squirrel Connor with 16 Cooties present.
Draped charter in remembrance of Past Seam Squirrel John Compton
Two cooties in distress
CCDB report $4512.00
Nominations accepted for 2009-2010 elected officers.
Seam Squirrel- Butch Cartwright: Blanket Bum- Darryl Combs: Hide Gimlet-Steve Dalton: CCDB- Steve Lyons: Shyster- Eric Brun: Sky Pilot-Ralph Connor: Pill Pusher-Richard Locke: Tightwad 3- Alejo Quinata.
Grand Commander conducted installation of shavetails
June 2009.  Scratch opened by Seam Squirrel Cartwright with 10 Cooties present. 4 Atoms indoctrinated thru 1st degree.
Two Cooties in distress
No CCDB report.
Paddy Daddy applications given to new recruits.
Cootie Turnbow briefed on 1st Annual Poker Run. Bikers coming from many places in Korea.
Raffled various items proceeds to PT.
Nov 2009.  Scratch opened by Seam Squirrel Cartwright with 13 Cooties present.
Cootie XMAS poem 2009 entered into the record.
1 Cootie in distress.
CCDB report $5180.00
Hospital chairman, reports due by 25 th each month
Motion made and passed to send Supreme $30 for new cooties.
Cootie Connor grumbled about not getting his Past Seam Squirrel tassels and pin.
Cooties initiation fee $50.00 and hats had not been received.
XMAS party discussed, will be held on 19 Dec. Motion made and passed to allocate $500.00.
Buddy Poppy drive netted $800 for the emergency fund.  Thanks to all, especially JRTC.
Motion made and accepted to allocate $200 to purchase SMAS items for Tayman Hospital.
Feb 2010 Scratch opened by Seam Squirrel Combs with 12 Cooties present.
CCDB report $4480.
Three past Seam Squirrels presented pins and hats.
Auction held and proceeds of $55 present to PT.
50/50 raffle winner donated $55 to PT.
Two new applications read.
March 2010.  Acting Seam Squirrel Darin Combs opened the 10h scratch on 27 March 2010 at 1800 hrs in accordance with the MOC ritual.  The scratch was held at the VFW Memorial Post 10033 post home, Daegu Korea.
There were 12 of the most Avatar, 3D looking, alien scum that ever stowed away on the space shuttle physically present at the scratch.
Sky Pilot delivered the opening prayer.
Roll call of Shave-tails was read and acknowledged with absentees noted.
There were applications read for 3 scrumbly nits that dared to answer the howl to run through incubation at the hands of the space scum that inhabit this lair of the loathsome Cootie.  They are nit wannabee’s Holbrook, VanWhy, and Garcia.  Good luck….
Distinguished Members of the Pup Tent Present Were:
Past Grand Commander Ken Swiezewski
District Chaplain Ralph Connor
Grand Chaplain Darin Combs
Minutes of the February Scratch were not distributed via email due to the indolent ways of the pathetic Hungry Cootie.  After a long drawn out cruel fully read rendition similiar to karaoke night at the Elvis convention a motion was seconded by Cootie Connor and motion made by Cootie Boston Fazzina to accept the minutes subject to corrections and not to be read again.  Motion passed.
Cootie or family member in distress:
Past Grand Commander Emory Russell passed away on 26 March 2010.  Peace be with You.
Report of the CCDB in detail:
Cootie Lyons benevolently sauntered through his CCDB report until he tried to pronounce a word larger than 3 letters.  He apparently repituated or recapitulated the following data.
General Fund –$2308.67
Share Acct –$2202.06
Total –$4510.73
If this is not right I will correct for final minutes.
Motion was 2nd by Cooties Connors and a motion made by Cootie McBride to accept the CCDB report as it was most movingly translated by the CCDB.   Motion passed.

Reading of official and other communications:
The Hungry Cootie read a letter from the Grand in relation to the Grand By Laws Special correspondence #1..Life Membership Committee:  
Cootie Darin reported we are currently 104%.National Home Committee:
Cootie Connor informed the scratch there was no change and that we are 100% on Paddy Daddy’s.  He also stated the Horny Toads and the Keystone Cops still seem active.  Booster Chairman:
There was a problem reported on the Rim of Fire with report..
In-depth report provided by Hide Gimlet:
No Report
 Report of the Hungry Cootie in detail:  Everything is on file, at home, on the shelf.
Reading of Bills/Action to be taken:
No Bills

Our national home was remembered in accordance with MOC ritual.
Prior to the start of the remembrance Past Seam Squirrel Sims, with his keen vision, noticed that the Acting Seam Squirrel (Darin Combs) had went this far into the crumby scratch with his skull cap on backwards.  The Acting Seam Squirrel corrected this by turning around and continuing the lousy scratch. Unfinished Business:
It was brought up that Cootie Bill, Not the Kat, was leaving and that we would have to elect a lousy tightwad 3.
There were 2 nominations Cootie Scott and Cootie Bobby.  After a very secretous vote, Cootie Bobby is now Tightwad 3.
It was also brought up that we needed a Sky Pilot and Cootie Scott was unanimously voted in and accepted the position of Sky Pilot.   The End of Days are Near.
The Acting Seam Squirrel also brought up the shirt order and was out trying to collect monies due from all the squeaky cheap lowly Cooties who ordered.  You scum.  If you haven’t paid up hurry before the price goes up.  It’s the Cootie ways.New Business: 
noneGood of the Scratch:
Cootie Turnbow brought up the Poker Run held by the Booze Fighters at Waegwan.  The VFW/Cooties were invited to set up a membership table at the event.  Cootie Fazzina volunteered to head the event.Cootie Locke, though excused forward his duffle to the cause.
Cootie Pat held a 50/50 raffle and Cootie Jessie won as always.  He gave the monies ($37.00) back to the Pup Tent for a total of $75.00.There was also a raffle of a red Cootie hat which Cootie Turnbow got coaxed into bidding $31.00 for.
Installation of the following newly Cooties were conducted as below:

            Nominee                      Position          
            Cootie Darin                SS                  
            Cootie Brun                 BB                  
            Cootie Turnbow          HG                  
            Cootie Locke               CCDB             
            Cootie Bradley            TW3
            Cootie Fazzina            Sky Pilot
It was also discussed to hold incubation for the 3 new Nit wannabees during the next scratch.
Blessings were rendered to God and honors given to the national home, our departed Cooties/Comrades and the Flag of the United States of America.

Next scheduled scratch is 20 April 2010, 1800 hrs., at the VFW Post 10033 home.
The Scratch was officially closed.
Carl Turnbow                                                              Butch Cartwright
Election report for2017-2018
Seam Squirrel: John Preston;  Blanket Bum: Richard Hide Gimlet: Ray Buck; CCDB: Darryl Hamilton; TW1: John Brehend; TW2:Jesse McBride;  TW#: Carl Turnbow; Sky Pilot: Richard Hagamon ; PM:Jesse McBride; Jimmy Leggs: Jesse McBride; Keeper of Crummy Record:  Dave Teets; Shyster: Darryl Hamilton, Pill Pusher: John Brehend; HC: Darryl Hamilton; Hospital Chairman: Joseph Brown.


Doggie Dave Teets
Keeper of Lousy Record
PT 303, Grand of the Pacific

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