Parent Organization: VFW Post 9951 Chartered: 1 September 1988

Affiliate Posts: VFW Posts 9876 Pattaya, 10217 Korat, 10249 Udorn,

Pup Tent 6 was originally called Taotaomonas and was located in Guam when it merged with the Bull Conchs – Pup Tent 3. The number was subsequently reassigned to the new Pup Tent in Thailand

  • Maeng Das – Pup Tent 6 was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The Supreme Commander was Robert (Boss) Cortright.
  • All Posts, in Thailand are currently represented in the Pup Tent.
  • The Pup Tent Scratches are held in conjunction with the District V meetings and rotate locations among the affiliate posts.

The name Maeng Das actually has two (2) meaning.

  1. In the Thai language Maeng Das commonly refers to a pimp.
  2. The Second meaning and preferred interpretation, (at least for most of our members) refers to a Rice Bug (Water Beetle) that is considered by the Thai’s to be a delicacy.

Although Post 9951 is considered to be the birth place for Maeng Das – Pup Tent # 6 the actual institution ceremony and installation of shavetails was held at T.J.’s Steak House in

Udorn, Thailand. Tommy Thompson who was referred to by many as Mr. VFW along with Dick Vileo were the main cogs in the wheel and instrumental in establishing Pup Tent 6 as it is known today.

In 2000 VFW Post 11575 fell under the jurisdiction of District V and we added the fertile hunting grounds of Phnom Phen, Cambodia to our seams.

In 2010 VFW Post 12074 located in Chiang Mai, Thailand also came on board.

In 2012 100% of our members were also members of the Grave Diggers, in support of the Clark Cemetery in the Philippines.

Today our scratches are still held in conjunction with the District V meeting schedule.

Thanks to the generous donation from B.K. Hubbard Pup Tent 6 is able to continue making donations to charities throughout Thailand. Each quarter, Cooties of the Host Post may select a local charity to be the recipient of a small yet meaningful donation from the Pup Tent.

At our scratch in August we donated some badly needed supplies to the Thampakorn Home (Senior Citizens Center) in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Thailand .

At our November scratch held in Udon we had a special request from the Bamboo School located near Kanchanaburi and we honored their request by providing them with $350 to start a Mushroom Farm project.

Also at our November Scratch we provided a few supplies to the Udonthani Home for Girls. Located @ 9 km South of Udon on Hwy 2, it is currently home for approximately 400 orphans from 19 provinces in Northeastern Thailand. The children’s ages range from infant to 18 years old.

2012/2013 Officers

  • Seam Squirrel-Bob Owens
  • Blanket Bum-Pat Clark
  • Hide Gimlet-Bert Marohl
  • Custodian of Crummy Duffle Bag-Bear Hudson
  • Tight Wad 1 Year-Ray Papp
  • Tight Wad 2 Year-Sai Maher

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