Grand Web Hound James D. Malott
DEATH REPORTS Michael Napsey
HISTORIAN Matthew Maness


Pup Tent Reporting, Requirements and Instructions

CCDB:  All payments for member transmittals, fines, donations, National Home Special Projects and others shall be made as specified by the Grand QM which is either by deposit into the Grand Account or by check made payable to Grand of Pacific and mailed to the Grand QM. For Life Membership in the Paddy Daddy a check $20.00 for each applicant made payable to PT #2 will be mailed to the CCDB, PT #2. For each life membership $15.00 will be credited toward National Home Special Projects of the PT of the life applicant. The remaining $5.00 will be retained by PT “#2 for admin costs, Paddy Daddy Pins and certificates.

PT AUDITS:   Must be emailed to the Grand Quartermaster for the quarters ending 30 June, 30 September, 31 December and 31 March. These audits must be received by the Grand QM no later than 30 days after the close of the quarter being audited. Grand QM will forward copy to supreme. The signed original copy is to be retained in PT files.

AWARDS:  It is the responsibility of each Seam Squirrel to submit recommendations for Grand Awards to Pup Tents to be awarded at the Grand Scratch. The recommendations will be submitted to the Grand Awards Chairman on the forms provided. All recommendations must be in the hands of the Grand Awards Chairman no later than May 31.

PT HUNGRY COOTIE:   PT Hungry Cootie is responsible for maintaining a current list of names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for all PT Officers. He will publish a PT General Order at the beginning of the term with this information and will publish subsequent General Orders to reflect any changes during the term. All General orders will be promptly emailed to the Grand Adjutant.

DEATH REPORTS:  Pup Tents shall promptly email reports the deaths of any of their members on the prescribed form to the Grand QM with copy to the Grand Chaplain.

HISTORIAN:  Each PT Historian (KCR) is responsible for gathering, recording and maintaining of PT historical information and submitting this to the Grand Historian. PT Historical information shall also be made available at the time of PT inspection.

  1. Each Seam Squirrel shall appoint a PT Hospital chairman
  2. The Chairman shall plan hospital visitations and encourage PT members to participate in visits and hospital volunteer work. The following may be included and reported as hospital visits:
    1. Visits to hospitals, clinics, medical facilities and rehabilitation centers
    2. Visits to homes of sick veterans or veteran family members
    3. Attendance at funerals for deceased veterans. (Memorial Services may not be counted as hospital visits)
    4. Donation of items such as refreshments and reading material to sick veterans and donation of medical supplies such as glasses and crutches to veterans and veteran family members.
  3. PT Chairmen will accept all data when the visit is performed and include it in his PT report to the Grand Hospital chairman monthly.
  4. Will report monthly to the Grand Chairman on forms provided for all visits made between the 26th of the previous month through the 25th of the current month. These reports must be emailed to the Grand Chairman no later than the 27th of each month.
  5. PT Reporting workbooks have been sent to each Pup Tent and contain worksheets for the months of May 2012 through April 2013. The workbook also contains a worksheet for monthly reporting of all visits made by the PT Cooties.

INSPECTIONS:  All Pup Tents shall be inspected by the Grand Inspector or Deputy Inspector. Grand Inspector will submit all completed inspections to the Supreme Inspector with copies to the Grand Commander and Grand Adjutant.

MEMBERSHIP TRANSMTTALS:  PT CCDBs will regularly transmit annual and life members to the Grand Quartermaster on forms provided. Transmittals will include Member C-2 cards for annual members and approved application form (for new members) and payment to include: $21.00 for continuous and reinstated members. ($9.00 Supreme PCT and $12.00 Grand PCT); $23.00 for new members. ($9.00 Supreme PCT, $12.00 Grand PCT, $1.00 Supreme Extension Fee and $1.00 Grand Extension Fee.) Cootie hats, Cootie Bugs and Tassels must be ordered separately. Life member transmittals shall include completed life application form and appropriate life fees.

VFW NATIONAL HOME: Reports of any PT donations to the VFW National Home for other than National Home Special Projects shall be reported by email to the Grand National Home Chairman. The report should include date donated, amount and purpose.

RIM OF FIRE:  The Rim of Fire is published Bi-monthly in July, September, November, January, March and May. All inputs for the Grand Rim of Fire shall be emailed to the Grand Newshound no later than the 10th of the month of publication. Inputs for each issue are expected from the Chair Officers, QM/Membership, JA, Chaplain, Surgeon, Hospital Chairman, Chief of Staff, Inspector, Historian, Awards Chairman, Webhound and the Supreme District 15 Council Member. All Pup Tents are urged to submit entries and pictures of any of their PT activities that would be of interest to all. Past Grand Commanders are encouraged to submit any “words of wisdom” and individual Cooties may submit pictures that will be of interest to readers.

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